Football: An American Tradition


Ella Marian

Seniors Campbell Rutherford, Isaiah Hertzler, and junior Luis Pinedo-Lafferty break through the banner at the E.C. Glass home game on August 29.

Lucie Rutherford, Editor-in-Chief

Football has been around since before the 1800s. Given it has changed since then, football is an American tradition. It’s part of who America is just like soccer is a part of Brazil and rugby a part of England. There is no other sport in America that has pretty much it’s own holiday. On Thanksgiving, families get together to feast on turkey, play some football, feast, and watch some more football.

Baseball and Soccer rivalries are no match for football rivalries. Sure you have the Yankees vs. Red Sox but that’s no match for a Super Bowl game between the Raiders vs. Steelers. The reason? In football the goal is to hit the guy across from you as hard as possible. Guard the ball. Get the ball. Each play is its own mini brawl; and you have to admit it gives you a rush.

And not to mention the stories that Americans fall for. Take the movie “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock for example. Michael Oher comes from a very poor, non-sports background and doesn’t know anything about football. He is a small boy trapped in a big, lineman sized body. Football gave Oher the path to succeed in life as he gets the chance to play football and takes all his anger out on it. He turns into an amazing player and is eventually drafted by the Baltimore Ravens and now plays for the Tennessee Titans. These stories give people something to believe in and work harder because of them.

Football games are a day where everyone gets together, no matter the weather they are simply there for football and to have a good time. With endless unhealthy food and drinks, friends, family, and even playing some ball with strangers… it can’t get any better. The excitement that leads up to that big game at the end of the week is tremendous. High school football on Friday nights, colleges on Saturday and NFL Sundays and Mondays.

Football is the heart pounding, nail biting, edge of your seat game of America, that will be forever cheered for.