Blog: There is a quiz for everything

“The Mia Perspective” with Mia Karr


Mia Karr, Print Editor-in-Chief

As school draws to a close, it becomes essential to find new and innovative ways to procrastinate on the last bit of work necessary to get through the year. When you’ve completely exhausted all of your time wasting activities you can always turn to the most innocuous of internet species- the internet quiz.  They’re easy, they’re everywhere, and they can tell you which type of breakfast sandwich you most resemble.

But, beyond their harmless and sugary sweet exterior, eagerly luring you to discover which North American land rodent would be your trusty sidekick in the Disney movie adaptation of your life, I find internet quizzes slightly sinister. After taking about five thousand of them, I think I’ve discovered just what it is that disturbs me so much; it’s just not that easy to quantify a human being.

Quizzes offer a variety of pre-packaged personalities to choose from, or rather be thrust in to. There’s no mix and match option, although in reality, it’s more likely that your spirit animal is some bizarre manatee-aardvark-quail hybrid than any one of the three by itself. Or maybe it’s an armadillo, and armadillo wasn’t one of the results on the quiz, and you will go your whole life thinking that you are a manatee because you are “adorable and water-loving”, when in reality you’re not actually that adorable or water loving.

But no one takes these quiz results seriously, so why do we keep taking them? It could be that answering questions about ourselves, like talking about ourselves, is fun. It could be that answering questions such as “which of these leopard print accessories would you wear ironically” allows for some genuine self-reflection. Or, it could be that we like feeling like we can relate to something. That our personalities are this easily reducible to one or two positive adjectives and an ice cream flavor.

In any case, don’t be alarmed if you’re skeptical that Ryan Gosling is actually your soul mate. (Although, I’m not sure why you would be skeptical.) It’s just a quiz- it can’t comprehend the vast intricacies and contradictions that make up a person. It can’t even accurately tell which Crayola crayon best represents you most of the time.