Blog: I would like to thank…

“The Mia Perspective” with Mia Karr


Mia Karr, Print Editor-in-Chief

This blog comes to you from deep in heart of AP season. It comes to from a desolate island of highlighters, textbooks, and the broken fragments of college dreams. It comes to you in the form of an ode- an ode to all the things that make the island slightly less horrifying. Really, I just want to say thanks.

First of all, thank you flashcards. What a genius invention. Never before have small squares of paper affected my life so profoundly.

Thank for MATH FRAC function on the graphing calculator for making it look like I actually do math by hand instead of using decimals. I math fracing love you.

Thank you top rated commenters on Yahoo answers for taking time out of your presumably meaningless lives to answer the questions of similarly confused students before me. You are coherent about five percent of the time, but that five percent means a lot.

Thank you Wikipedia. I know you’re constantly discounted by teachers as an illegitimate source of information, but they’re just afraid of your power.

Thank you Google Drive. I don’t mean to understate, but you are literally the backbone of society. I marvel daily (hourly?) at your information storing, sharing, and organizational activities and try to forget the dark days before your existence.

Thank you technology for not making me stupider but making me more determined to find the answer when I have all the resources of the Internet at my disposal and making me more apt to check my answers when I can easily do so with a calculator.

Seriously, what a time to be alive. Or at least as alive as one can be when one decides to dedicate the next month of their live to getting five 5’s.

So that’s my ode. And if you think it contains even a hint of sarcasm, you obviously don’t know me at all.