Musical 2014: Freshmen took the reigns in Oklahoma!


Photo: Fernando Gamboa Peña

Fernando Gamboa Peña, Online Editor-in-Chief

Fresh faces on and off the stage freshmen brought new talent to the musical scene. Every year they arrive and every year they are hopeful of doing something new, but this year several first-years took the reigns of the drama horse. From crew to acting in roles of all sizes freshmen were an integral part of the production of this year’s show, they brought fresh faces, new talent and tech knowledge to show.

Every one of them was different and each one came from a different background in theatre, whether it be working on the lights at the local middle school to acting in a middle school or even a high school production they all show a collective understanding for the workings of theatre and bring a drive to hone in on their craft. Freshmen were involved in just about every aspect of the production.

Moly Campillo worked on the tech crew for THMS and even helped the crew at HHS during last year’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. She joined a group of brand new techies, along with Athena Benton and Jonathan Aigner,  who will replace the five seniors on the technical side of theatre. “Last year I had lots of fun and it was a great time to be around lots of friends, I don’t really like acting or singing but i like to do the technical part and add to the performance,” Campillo said.

Backstage crew saw the introduction of three freshmen, Cedric Ansah, Ryan Doerr and Megan Labarge. They assisted Stage manager Phoebe Copland and Assistant Stage Manager Dylan Bontrager. This was their first year working on the crew and are learning the ropes as they prepare to replace Bontrager and Danielle Yutzy. “I think they[the freshmen] are pretty good they know what they are doing,” Bontrager said.

On the stage freshmen filled every size role from ensemble to leading lady they took the spotlight. Noel Warren played Aunt Eller, the matriarch in the musical, this was her second production at the high school and has been her largest part since being at HHS. “It’s just incredible[playing Aunt Eller], I would have never guess that in a million years, everyone has been so welcoming to be an that’s been so awesome,” Warren said.

On and off the stage freshmen played key roles to make this year’s production of Oklahoma! come together. They are moving up in the ranks and making the show possible.


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