Musical 2014: a continuing reputation


Photo: Fernando Gamboa Pena

Isabelle Burden, Online Managing Editor

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical “Oklahoma!”, is hitting the HHS stage February 14-17th. Cast members are bubbling with excitement and anticipation as they prepare to show the public what they’ve been working on for the past two and a half months. Most are feeling the pressure as performance nights get closer. Actors feel like they must live up to the high standard that HHS is known for.

“Oklahoma!” is complete with a love interest, a villain, and funny supporting characters who add to the show’s appeal. The leads include: Abe Nouri, Jaymie Inouye, Evan Yoder, Aubtin Heydari, Caroline Shank and Garrett Thompson.

Senior Lillian Poirot loved her time in “Oklahoma!”.

“It’s tiring and takes a lot out of you, but it’s always a good time and is always worth it in the end,” said Poirot.

The cast has enjoyed the months of preparation and hard work leading up to the final bows, but are very ready to have a real audience. Many members say that performing for no one gets quite monotonous, so the cast was ready to hear actual laughter and applause. Poirot is a musical veteran, having been in these productions all four years of high school.

“My favorite part is after every performance when the curtain closes, we all scream and hug one another. We know that our hard work has actually paid off. It’s a moment of relaxation and pure happiness,” said Poirot.

Cast members are working hard to keep the energy up and “be someone’s magic”, as Mr. Swartz would say. With just one show left in the run, “Oklahoma!” has made its mark on the HHS stage.


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