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BOC club begins Bible study, works to increase engagement.

Multezem Siraj
Believer of Christ (BOC) have a meeting after school.

Senior Lydia Showalter is co-leader of Believer of Christ (BOC). As co-leader, Showalter leads Bible studies and activities for club members.  

“It’s a club for Christian high schoolers to come and hang out. They play games and have Bible study,” Showalter said. 

Students participate in BOC because of their connected faith. 

“I really like that it’s a fun place to meet new people who believe the same types of things that I do. It’s a great opportunity,” Showalter said. 

BOC may help students to connect with one another and find friends that share the same beliefs.

“It’s a really great source of encouragement for the students. Sometimes, it’s really hard to be a part of high school so having lots of different opinions and lots of beliefs is really nice to have that group to talk with,” Showalter said. 

Members are hoping to build the club further by inviting more individuals to join. 

“BOC has been going on for two to three years, and I joined last year to participate and was asked to do some things,” Showalter said. “It’s just after school every other week, where we meet for an hour usually.”  

There are different types of activities and fun engaging games that relate to the Bible, which has the purpose of providing students with entertainment and knowledge. 

“We started doing some trivia after our Bible studies. We started having questions from the Bible study and then making it like a competition, I think that was a really big hit,” Showalter said. 

Showalter’s goal for BOC is to have more people join the club, so there is more engagement. 

“I think more attendance would be great, to have more people come here and find engaging games that are related to the Bible,” Showalter said. 


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