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New college advisor helps student choose their career path

Infographic giving information about areas college advisor, Rosie Chisolm, can help with. Photo courtesy of Rosie Chisolm. (Maryn Harbaugh)

Depending on what the student wants to do after their four years in high school, a college advisor might help navigate their path after high school. College advisors work to help students figure out what they want to do when they are older and also help the students take the right classes they need to take to get prepared for their future careers. HHS hasn’t had a college advisor in over a year, this changed in the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. Rosie Chisolm was hired as the college advisor. 

“I was in college when I came up through our college career fair and I just had an interest in serving students and I thought it would be really good because I recently graduated from college,” Chisolm said. “I was going to be able to help students with the position and I went to JMU so I wanted to stay in Harrisonburg and when I visited the school I really liked the faculty and the students.”

HHS seemed like the perfect fit for what Chisolm was looking for in her new job. 

“The job is really rewarding, so it’s nice to see students getting the help they need,” Chisolm said.

Chisolm favors how she is able to help students get what they need and enjoys how rewording working as a college advisor is.

“I had an interest in serving students, and I like that I get to talk to students throughout the day,” Chisolm said. “I like engaging with coworkers and getting to know what students genuine interests are and I also like being able to help students find a good fit for them just in case they aren’t necessarily sure what there interested in,” Chisolm said 

She enjoys seeing students find the help they need to be able to do what they want to do after high school. She cares a lot about what students’ genuine interests are and tries to help them get there. She also helps students find a good fit if they don’t know what they are interested in.

Chisolm is looking to explore different pathways after this career.

“I might go to grade school after this job, I majored in film and journalism so i’m not sure but probably something in the film industry or like writing in the film industry like screenplay writing or script writing,” Chisolm said.

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