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The Red Sea makes noise for the volleyball team

Elsie Corriston
Junior Davis Bert leads the Red Sea in doing the wave through the section. Students shout and cheer for the volleyball team throughout the game.


The Red Sea is back this year and ready to scream and shout as the volleyball players serve. Whether people love the themes, the atmosphere, watching the game, or just being there to hang out with their friends, our student section is all set to cheer on volleyball. Junior Davis Bert has stepped up and helped this section bring energy, volume and hype to these games. 

“I’ve really enjoyed leading the Red Sea. I get really great suggestions from our seniors, and everyone is super into all the chants,” Bert said. “The first night I led the section, I was just trying to get a group of students to be loud and supportive, but it has continued, and I hope we can continue to build on this spirit that we have going right now.”

Juniors Lydia King and Aiyana Thornton are among the many people in the Red Sea who love cheering for their friends on the court. 

“Everybody knows each other, so we’re all hyping each other up,” King said. “We’re having a great time.”

Having a sense of connection to friends and peers outside of the classroom setting brings a strong community of support to these volleyball games. Thornton hasn’t missed a game and is excited to be there for everyone that she can.

“I love the Red Sea because it is so fun to connect with everybody and socialize with people you don’t have classes with,” Thornton said. “You also just feel a great sense of unity being able to support your fellow peers and your school.”

There is never a dull moment in this student section. Whether there is a cheer going on or people are engaged in what’s happening in the game, everyone is always on their feet making noise. 

“The student section loves coming together to cheer for our volleyball team, no matter what is happening, they just love to be loud. I’ve been told by many of the parents that they love it too, so I’m glad we can have fun and bring a smile to other people’s faces,” Bert said. 

The section of the stands taken over by the Red Sea had been completely filled up with people. It has even been overflowing with people sitting and standing on the stairs.

“I have loved the enthusiasm from everyone in the Red Sea this year. I think it has been way better this year than the previous years because there is so much spirit and so many people wanting to join in,” Bert said.

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