Class of 2023 senior wills

Jumana Alsaadoon, Online Managing Editor

Senior wills for the 2022-2023 year, in alphabetical order by last name.


I, Julieanne Alvarado being of calm mind and strong body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To the French 3 class I leave the sound of my bracelets rattling around whenever playing werewolf and being caught because my bracelets were a dead give away.

I, Link Alexiou, being of loser mind and winner body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Mrs. Johnson, I leave the hope that you will never have to go on a field trip. To Theo Thompson, I leave the superior Star Wars show (Rebels). To Chloe Ly, I leave my cool mechanical pencils and my remaining sanity. To the lunch ladies, I leave my love and appreciation.

I, Anish Aradhey being of positive mind and gorgeoua body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Clare Kirwan, Logaan Whiting, and Lucy Ludwig, I leave late evening meetings with the STEM Executive Board. Make sure the snacks are plentiful. To the HHS Color Guard, I leave the glitter hairspray, guard closet, and yelling “Red Hot.” To the STEM Connect Team, I leave Lucy’s epic playlist, the most efficient meetings ever, and mounds of olivine sand. To Johnson, I leave my inner gingerbread dictator.

I, Nadiel Ayala-Gallo, being of friendliness and anger, do hereby bequeath my math homework to William Deloney


I, Lydia Brown, being of tenacious mind and caffeinated body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Clare Kirwan, my Clare Bear Chair, I leave all of my last bits of motivation for high school work, the clothes I don’t take to college, losing it over AP work, and making men cry in MUN, and the all of my faith that you will get all of your work done. I am so so so excited to see what you do. To Sophia Yoder, I leave gossip and rants in Yoder’s room before career night, and interesting (questionable) MUN conference decisions. To Clare, Adrian, and Olivia, I leave singing in Physics, making fun of the fact that Physics is made up, and memes about an unnamed student teacher, and an application to GWU. To Sophia, Clare, Olivia, Julia, Norah, and the rest of the MUN Team, my babies forever and ever (I don’t care that I’m only a year older), I leave HHS MUN, pre-MUN packing Facetimes, and all the girl power in the entire world. To Soraya Kaussler I leave tennis complaints, gossip at practice, bonding over watching singles matches, and a key to my dorm. To Caleb and Ryan, my favorite Mello duo, I leave all the shenanigans, inside jokes, and judgy looks to Upton. I leave you Mattress Man, the destroyed Mello flipbook box, and feuding with the low brass. To Davis, my Davey Wavey (haha), I leave complaining about Marching Band, the correct set position, and all the stand tunes and confidence. I’m so proud of you. To Chloe, I leave keeping the boys under control and the horn section. I leave you all the Mello section and the hope that we will forever be an absolute powerhouse.




“I, Evan Eberly being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Olivia, my sister, being the only sane person in a world of crazy friends. To Isaac, my brother, being a valuable sleeper in your activities and friend groups. To Matthew Rush and anyone who should follow (Kaedon), the captaincy of the cross country team. To Davis, my musical talent. Never stop shining. To CJ, being a guy in dance. To Andrew, basketball and running at the same time. To Kaedon, my work ethic in cross country, you need it. Your so fast, but you could be that much faster. To Kaleth, soccer talk.


I, Lily Fleming, being of superior mind and adequate body, so hereby bequeath the following items: To Norah, I leave you Faye Johnson, a soccer coach, and a metro pass to DC. I love you like you dislike strawberries. To Clare, I leave screaming in the halls of TA, Malaysia’s solution to gender violence, and crying in hotel rooms. To Jumana, I leave winter wonderland streamers and the intimidation factor. To CJ, I leave talks in Comp Sci, and secrets you better keep. To Izzy, I leave Crayola nights and Lena and I’s junior year decisions. To my soccer team, I leave district champs, that one really bad bus driver, and trash talk on the field, step it up.

I, Lena Fulton-Wright, being of empty mind and perfect body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Jossalyn Hartman, I leave bad decisions (although I hope you make good ones), Anish’s snacks and advice, and throwing pencils. Thank you for always making me laugh. To Norah Tang, I leave Olive Garden, endless searches for hubba bubba bubble gum, Taylor Swift, and a key to my dorm room (you better visit). I love you infinitely. Be strong. To Clare Kirwan, I leave made up languages, screaming, and world domination. To Norah, Clare, and Sophia Pimentel, I leave Model UN and the quest for a golden gavel. To Soraya Kaussler, I leave side eyes. To Isabel Matter, I leave making fun of your brother and Barbie. To Jumana Alsaadoon, I leave my public speaking, hallway gossip sessions, and the hope of getting into NYU. To the MUN team , I leave model walks, the creativity to make new nicknames for Yoder, and delegate dances. I can’t wait to see where you all go. To Van Fulton-Wright, I leave my terrible tennis skills and terrifying polaroid pictures.



I, Ariana Hernandez Perez, being of static mind and sluggish body, do hereby bequeath the following items: to Esli Chavez, I leave the sliver of artistic ability I possess and hope you can transform it into a masterpiece, to Eiby Galindo, I leave all the pretty little K-Pop songs so you may feel like a princess every once in a while during your macho moments, to all my younger siblings, I leave the image of my irritated face imprinted in your little brains to keep you humble, and to all my good friends, I leave a tissue for all the tears you will shed simply because you miss my ultra-fine presence.




I, Abby Kauffman, being of imaginative mind and amazing body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To the XC and Outdoor distance gals, I leave EVAC, the new jammy pack (fingers crossed), rose, bud & thorns, hot long runs, The Path, hair ribbons, and dealing with *the boys*. To Annie Poirot, Lena Blagg, Anna Campillo, and Olivia Eberly I leave the legacy of Lady Navy. Love you guys! To the STEM Exec Board, I leave the STEM office snacks and food tattoos! You all will do incredible things. To Lydia Showalter, Matilde Enciso, and Hannah Metzler I leave church bagels and lots of love, and to Lili Gingerich I leave the VMMissions toddlers. To Julien Steines and Leslie Yang I leave the stratosphere notes in the musical’s violin music. To the Gov School juniors, I leave unfinished Kohrs assignments and the back of the bus. Good luck next year! To my favorite sister Sophie Kauffman, I leave endless emojis, blasting ABBA in the car, after school gossip, Dad’s running pep talks, spontaneous violin dueting, and a whole lot of love and encouragement. To my coaches I leave a big thank you for all of the support. To Mr. Blosser: thanks for the countless excursions to JMU and research adventures! And to Ms. Brooks I leave an obsession with colored papers, my favorite class, and my eternal gratitude. You all are the best.



I, Finn Maddox, being of creative mind and (mostly) functioning body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Bazil Gibson, I leave the care of all of our honourary children, to Claire Sprague I leave my will to live through the AP exams and senior year, and to James Maddox I leave the responsibility of checking on the neighbourhood cats.

I, Bridget Mangan, being of absent mind and frail body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Marely Aguilar, I leave getting Starbucks and gossiping after school, to Keira Miller I leave Psych, to Mr. Walton I leave noodleweiniedogs if you still understand that reference, to Mrs. Johnson I leave the stress I caused with my inappropriate jokes and the ten years I probably took off your life



I, Yadiel Ortiz being of creative mind and strong body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Mrs. Bowman, I leave the ice cream I brought for friendsgiving that probably is still in the freezer, to Mrs. Dupal, I leave my suspicious expression when playing “werewolf”


“I, Cynthia Puerto Ramirez being of messy mind and beautiful body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Shana Al Sindi, I leave my marching band dinkles and any other music I have, to Chloe Ly, I leave my trumpet so she can sell it and get money, to Erika Beck, I leave my band locker.



I, Peter Rudmin, being of vorpal mind and troglodyte body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Johannah Mayfield, I leave the exceptional mind of Mrs. Johnson. To Ellie Tjaden, I leave all the assorted anteaters which may ever appear throughout the school. All the band kids, I leave the pool in the school basement, to be used during lock-ins.

I, Corey Rupe, being of stable mind and able body, do hereby bequeath the following items: to Lily Rupe, I leave my favorite parking space and my drive for sports. To the football team, I leave my helmet, pads, and best of wishes on the upcoming season. And to the band, I leave my instrument, and a good luck with underclassmen.


I, Linnea Siderhurst, being of silly mind and gorgtastic body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Sophia Pimentel Yoder, I leave our masterpieces of psych posters. To Olivia Eberly, Clare Kirwan, and Adrian Kavazovic, I leave the trauma of a certain student teacher’s voice (you know who) echoing in your ears. To Veronica Gutierrez and Theo Thompson, I leave the future of HHS musicals.


I, Azalea Twining being of clever mind and ripped body, do hereby bequeath the following items: Ms. Houff’s bell to Lily, the costume closet keys to Kristi, cream cheese and a bagel to Oray, and my first edition copy of All The Crawdad’s We Cannot Hear to Ms. Johnson.



I, Adam VanWyk being of small mind and large body, do hereby bequeath the following items. To Andrew McMichael, I leave the spikeball club, to Eiby, I leave all the calc homework I’ll do later, to Osvaldo, I leave Upton’s high blood pressure, to Abel, I leave his clarinet section.



“I, Ella Young being of munificent mind and wheedling body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Veronica Gutierrez, I leave the stench of the dance bathroom, to Theo Thompson I leave the A Cappella group, to Sophia P Yoder I leave the stress of FAACL