Symphonic band performs 15th annual Tiny Tots performance, playing for over 3,800 elementary students

Jireh Perez, Page Editor

Recently the symphonic band performed the 15th annual Tiny Tots. They performed for elementary students from kindergarten to second grade. This event gave students the opportunity to participate and learn more about music. Band director, Daniel Upton worked together with  Artistic director JR Snow to make this event happen.

“We want to provide music for all. Reaching our community at all ages and levels, and giving them love and exposure to music. My experience has been truly amazing. I love seeing how the event has grown, the energy surrounding, and now having students on stage that sat in the audience when they were in elementary.” Upton said. 

This experience was rewarding to not only the elementary students, but also the band students. Students had the chance to dress up as children’s movie characters and show off their instruments. Senior Riley Coburn is a percussionist and was one of the students that dressed up for the show. 

“I enjoyed getting to mess around with my friends in costumes. I dressed up as Violet from The Incredibles, and the costume was school provided so all I had to do was buy a headband and I was good to go.” Coburn said. 

Students were able to interact with the younger students while playing a character.

 “My experience with Tiny Tots has been pretty chill. We get to talk to kids and make their day, although I did crush a couple tiny hearts when I said I couldn’t use my superpowers.” Coburn said. 

Sophomore Davis Bert plays the french horn he was also one of the students who dressed up and performed for elementary students. 

This was my first year doing Tiny Tots and I loved every second of it. The kids were great to interact with and I always left with a smile after seeing their reactions. This year I dressed up as the genie from Aladdin. I really wanted to interact with the kids and I knew from last year’s showing that the genie was very involved. My favorite moment was easily when I was the genie and a group of kids in the back cheered go Genie, go Genie. It made me so happy that I was making their experience much better.” Bert said.

Student teacher Luke Cronin has seen Tiny Tots four times and enjoyed it each time.  

“I went to Tiny Tots all four times and it was great. It was nice to see the students interacting with all of the kids and all the costumes and everything. I liked how they would react in the crowd when there was vocals or singing, and interacting with the students and seeing how they adapt well to the different songs that were played.” Cronin said. 

Bert agrees that Tiny Tots gives students the opportunity to see inside the HHS band and music overall.  

“Tiny Tots is a great way to provide insight into our band and to the world of music at such a young age. Being able to show what makes some of their favorite songs possible in movies and that they can be a part of it too is super special.” Bert said.

Upton sees the importance in making sure students can be exposed to music and other arts. He feels that it is also special for band students to experience performing for children and enjoys seeing the smile on his students’ faces. 

“Our goal with Tiny Tots is to reach our elementary students and ensuring arts access through the Any Given Child initiative. I love that we make this available to all with no funding barriers. I love seeing our band students light up and creating the magic for the audience. It is so special.” Upton said.