Girls tennis wins 8-1 to Mountain View Warriors

Evelyn Lewis, Print Managing Editor

The girl’s tennis team played the Mountain View Warriors Wednesday, March 29, winning 8-1. This match was the fourth game of a 16-game season. This is their second official win of the season, also winning 6-3 against the James Wood Colonels. Freshman Leslie Yang plays in the number one spot. She lost her singles match 6-10 but won her doubles match 10-0 with her partner, junior Caryanne Shaw. Yang is the only freshman on the ladder.

“It’s tough playing number one and being a freshman because I’m usually playing against juniors and seniors and they are a lot stronger and hit harder. [They] have years of match experience, where I have none,” Yang said.

Yang joined the team this year, however, she began coming to practices last season when she was in eighth grade. She plans to stay on the team for all four high school years.

“I am glad I get this opportunity because it is helping me grow a lot. I know that in my future years on the team, I’ll look back on freshman year and be glad I got put in this position even if I lose every game I play,” Yang said.

The team’s next match is Tuesday, April 4 against Broadway High School and their next home game is against Sharando Friday, April 7.