Hurst involved in dance, cross-country

Kate Bodle, Staff Reporter

Freshman Lya Hurst runs during a Cross Country meet.
Freshman Lya Hurst runs during a Cross Country meet. (Curtesy of Lya Hurst)

Freshman Lya Hurst is involved in many activities at HHS, including cross country. She feels  the team has improved this year. 

“We’ve definitely made progress from where we started. [I’ve improved ] my time,” Hurst said. 

One thing she would like to improve in cross country is her overall time, and doing less walking while she runs. 

“[I would still like to improve on] just being faster overall, and not walking as much,” Hurst said. 

Hurst is also taking Dance One this year. She likes the connection of movement between dance and running. 

“There’s a lot of movement, which again is what I like,” Hurst said.

Dance One is Hurst’s favorite class she is taking. She has some previous dancing experience, but she took a short break before coming back to it this year. 

“I danced a little when I was younger at the Rec Center, but then I just stopped and now I’m continuing again. [I like that] we do a lot of movements and it’s just a lot more fun than being stuck at a desk or something, and the environment is always great,” Hurst said. 

Along with dance and cross country, Hurst hopes to participate in the musical this year. 

“[This year] I want to try out for the musical. I’m just glad it’s not Spongebob,” Hurst said.