SCA holds informational meeting, shares information about position openings


Miguel Lopez

SCA sponsor Lisa McQueen explains to students what the campaigning process will be like for SCA elections.

Adrian Kavazovic, Print Managing Editor

The new Student Community Association (SCA) sponsor, Lisa McQueen, held an informational meeting for students interested in being a part of SCA Wednesday, September 7. SCA is a primarily student-run organization that helps increase school spirit and student involvement in events. Any student interested in representing HHS is welcome to run for an SCA office or as a class representative. 

September 13: Any student interested in running for an SCA office or class representative role must declare their candidacy by the end of the day. Forms must be turned into room 101. 

September 14: There will be a mandatory meeting for all SCA officer candidates and class representative candidates from 7:50 a.m.- 8:15 a.m. to review job descriptions. 

September 16: Campaign speech drafts for SCA officer candidates are due by the end of the school day and must be shared with Lisa McQueen ([email protected]). 

September 16-22: This week will be campaign week. SCA officer candidates must have their speeches recorded and shared by the end of the day on September 19 with Lisa McQueen. Students are also welcome to create their own campaign posters and place them around the school.

September 26: SCA election speeches will be aired during advisory. Voting will take place following the airing of the speeches. Winners will be announced at 2:35 p.m. that day in room 101. 

Students who plan on running for either an office or as a class representative must consider that they must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher and show up to meetings once a week. Students have the option to run for both an SCA office and class representative role. If both are won, they will have to choose which one they would like to pursue for the school year. The student with the second highest number of votes will then be the winner of the office not chosen. 


SCA Office Roles and Responsibilities: 

President (candidate must be a senior): This position represents the entire student body and leads meetings. The president acts as the chairman of the executive committee and is able to hold meetings whenever necessary. 

Vice president (candidate can either be a junior or senior): This position takes over for the president if they’re not present. They carry out duties assigned to them. 

Secretary (candidate can be any grade level): This position is responsible for taking notes at all meetings and keeping an accurate record of attendance and of proceedings of the association. They are also responsible for notifying members of when future meetings are taking place. 

Treasurer (candidate can be any grade level): This position is responsible for keeping an accurate account of all funds of the association. They present finances when requested and are responsible for creating budgets for the association. 

Reporter (candidate can be any grade level): This position is responsible for writing articles for the school and local papers regarding activities planned by the association. They must attend all SCA meetings and school board meetings and report on both meetings. 

Class representative: This position is responsible for attending all SCA meetings and organizing spirit weeks and Red Sea events. All grade levels have to work together as a team to successfully compile event ideas for the whole school. As class representatives, students are expected to show large amounts of school spirit to be good leaders for their class.