Vargas Correa heads home, stays in Mexico for summer

Clare Kirwan, Head Editor-in-Chief

2,148 miles. Sophomore Kaarla Vargas Correa lives 2,148 miles away from her family and friends during the school year, but this summer she went home.

“This summer I traveled to a small town in Zacatecas, Mexico called Florencia. Both of my parents are originally from Florencia, [so] I have tons of friends and family and I always enjoy going to visit everyone,” Vargas Correa said.

Vargas Correa stayed in Florencia for two months at her grandmothers, accompanied by her brother and sister.

“While I was there, there were so many things to do. I was able to go off-roading, ride horses, visit markets [and] do charity for the community,” Vargas Correa said.

Mexican culture holds community as a major value, and Florencia is no different. 

“My favorite part was taking part in the week-long celebration of the town for those who are originally from Florencia, but live in other places [such as myself] and are honored for being a part of the community and town,” Vargas Correa said. “Culture is a huge part of Florencia. The past is always resembled in some way. People take Mexican culture seriously [when it comes to] music, food and religion.”

Music, food and religion, the staples of Florencia, were a part of Vargas Correa’s summer in no shortage. 

“You can literally eat anywhere and the food will always hit. Every restaurant has its unique flavor, but you cannot complain about a single item on the menu,” Vargas Correa said.

Vargas Correa not only enjoyed the food, but she also valued quality time with friends and family.

“I have a huge family and many cousins. We got together to have sleepovers, go out for dinner or go on walks. [It] always creat[ed] amazing memories,” Vargas Correa said.

Though only roughly 2,900 people inhabit Florencia, the town provides a gorgeous set of mountains and sunsets.

“I love adrenaline and being with people that I love. One day we decided to go off-roading and enjoy the beauty of Zacatecas and its sunsets,” Vargas Correa said. “Florencia is surrounded by beautiful mountains all around. There is so much greenery and the views of the sky always leave you speechless. The climate is a lot like here in VA, but it can be rainy during this season.”

Vargas Correa’s summer consisted of new relationships and memories, making it difficult for her to leave it all behind once again.

“It will always be my favorite place to visit and feel like [I’m] home,” Vargas Correa said.