Class of 2022 senior wills


Collage by Rachel Phengsitthy

Seniors celebrate decision day by taking photos with their decided school.

Riley Thompson, Print Editor in Chief


I, Brigid Banks, being of indecisive mind and smokin’ hot body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To my outdoor track and XC team I leave all of my extra socks because I we always forget them. To my dance class I leave a pair of leggings so you’re never in trouble for not being in all black. To Mollie I leave my entire playlist for backroad driving. To Maren I leave my 7th grade sleeping bag. To Kate I leave you the white go-go boots I never returned.

I, Julienne Butler, being of chaotic mind and tired body, do herby bequeath the following items: To Logaan, I leave any new songs by Lauren Spencer-Smith, target runs, boba trips, and any new Tik Tok dance trends, to Autumn I leave you 3 dollars for the burger you bought me and volleyball warmups, to Kayden I leave you a spot in the top 10 at HHS, a recording of First Class, and the mom selfie from O’neils, to Jolie I leave the volleyball team bonding responsibilities, the live singing of the National Anthem, and Roger Bergey Court, to Veronica I leave calling dibs on braiding hair, high Nike socks, and the position of right side hitter, to J Glazer, I leave you forgiveness for the time you told my dad I was on my phone Sophomore year, McDonald’s sweet tea, and Breadstick the skeleton, to my HOSA crew, I leave you the supply drive, the social media standards I maintained so well, and the school van, to Mr.Burgess I leave fist bumps in the halls, to Mr.Butler I leave you the responsibility of upholding the name since you’re the only Butler left at HHS, the tessie, and the big gym speaker you made me return, and finally to Chris the Janitor, I leave you forever thinking my name was Julie, I miss you man.


I, Mariah Cain, of a beautiful mind and euphoric body I hereby bequeath the following items: To Maya Waid I leave you the ownership right to log into my Google account and draft every single email that I need to send solely because your the only person who can write a professional email. I also am leaving you and extra boot just in case your ankle gives out again and you will never have to suffer again. Jaiden Lemon I leave you the strength and courage to speak up to the basketball team and not keeping your mouth shut ever again. You will always be an honorary class of 2022 senior at heart and I will never forget that. I will surprise you at a game I promise.

I, Luis Cedeno Homs, being of good mind and beautiful body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Lydia Brown, I leave the best marcher.


I, Robert Eshbaugh, being of sound mind and sound body, do hereby bequeath the following items: to frances i leave my bad grades.


I, Abby Fornadel, being of witty mind and energetic body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Addison Fornadel – my best friend, I leave you access to all my clothes, kelly the kia, dancing in the kitchen after school, uncontrollably laughing until we can’t breathe, shaking the coconut milk, turning into literal MMA fighters and then being friends 10 seconds later, soccer and track practices, long car drives, mirror pics, family hikes, tammy and amy, my broken alexa and endless pictures that are never good, I will miss you more than anything To Cadrian Rogers-Davis – I leave you responsibility of being the Indoor track team mom, don’t forget your money making shades To Quetzalli Arteaga – I leave you parking lot dance parties, being the best hug giver ever, and leading the team to a great season next year To Tyler Miller – I leave you as Addison’s emotional support, take care of her, I know you will. To Jolie Salah – I leave you the defensive line and the “good luck” fist bumps, be loud and maybe do a pirate call during the game? To Gali Santiago- I leave you in charge of the team, constantly watching film, and leading them to a winning season, you’re an amazing role model and leader To Lucy Ludwig – my ACL buddy and my mini me, I leave you in charge of WiSTEM and the future of the stem academy Anish Aradhey, Emma Swartz, and Abby Kauffman – I leave you all in charge of stem goodie bags, long long meetings, planning amazing events and the stem reminders board, I know you guys will kill it! To the WiSTEM committee – I leave annual films on the fields, last minute meetings, and being strong amazing women! To Mr. Blosser – I leave the superman pose, keeping 128 semi-clean and organized (SoFlo will be back if you need it), ice cream with TON’s of sprinkles for meetings, and trying new flavors of tea To Aspen Long – I leave hey friend, and never making it past stage one To Evey and Steven Lewis – I leave dealing with our parents, “boys go to jupiter, girls go to venus…”, elf pajamas, bronut donuts, some of my favorite memories, oh and my brother Arrington yall can have him too 😉 To Mr. Sneller, Mr. Blosser, Mr, Shantz, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cullip, Mr. Burgess, Mr. Burley, Siaura, Dr. Bill and my mentor Patrice Ludwig – I leave you my endless gratitude for inspiring and pushing me to be the best version of myself, I will forever be grateful for your impact on my education and for helping to shape me into the person I am today.


I, Lucia Gabel, being of confused mind and kind body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To the girls tennis team I leave a box of stale donuts and Yoder’s favorite…line jumps. I leave workout remixes and wall sits in the halls. To Clare Kirwan I leave awkward eye contact from across the court. Never stop being a baby horse. To the captains next year I encourage you to push your team and to “hit the ball!” To Kasey Thompson I leave the newspaper and all the stress that comes with it. I leave you with yearbook theme zooms with Sarah and a comfy black chair, you’ve served your time in the plastic. To Riley Thompson I leave sassy conversations with Kibler and reminder texts that I won’t respond to. Take care of my dogs while I’m gone. The the next year editors Riley, Jolie, Kasey, and Silas I leave 6:45 am meetings and the snack closet. To my 2A class I leave Kibler in all her glory. Don’t worry she shows love through yelling. To Corey Beshoar (feat. keenan) I leave you and thank you for the greatest rap ever written. To Kibler I leave you with my jokes and late work thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be.

I, Yairyn Gallardo, being of brilliant mind and awesome body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Ella and Linnea, I leave all of the wet chocolate supply for a lifetime.

I, Laura González Dutor, being of intricate mind and healing body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Hugo González Dutor, I leave nothing. Please don’t touch my stuff while I’m gone. Es broma. Dejo rap Español 24/7, venas rojiblancas, constancia y determinación, bailes, muchas risas y “Susanita tiene un ratón.” No puede faltar también la jaula de Bimbo. Limpiarla. Te dejo eso. To Galilea Santiago, I leave lots of dumb moments, hard work and continuously growing as a person. Creo en ti siempre, no matter how far I am. To Lily Fleming, I leave recovery, making people uncomfortable, and bouncing back. I look up to you a lot, and am so proud of the mindset you’ve acquired. To Yar Alsendi, I leave lots of weight room maxes, hating on the U.S and taking care of Gillenwater. To Quetzalli Arteaga, I leave reggaeton and lots of hugs, and beautiful prom pictures. To Addi Fornadel, I leave grit, determination and being the dopest forever freshie on the team. To Ella Young, Linnea Siderhurst and Kate Nichols I leave lots of AMENs, complaints and intense rehearsals of all types. To Veronica Gutierrez, I leave a passion for dancing, sarcasm and an incredible work ethic. To Sophia Pimentel, I leave being mistaken for American everywhere you go and tri-lingual conversations. Muitos beijos linda <3 To Grace Toto and Nathaly Nolasco, I leave hip-hop duets and winning next years’ talent show.

I, Isabella Guzman, being of a mind and a having a body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To the Model UN Club, I leave you Lawson, and Andrew. I leave you long bus rides, finishing positions papers the night before, western business attire, and the public school sweep. To Lydia Brown, I leave you the Model UN club, addressing yoder by only his first name, crying over homework, and an application to W&M. To Lena Fultonwright, I leave hanging out in our hotel room, Macrock, and clowning on Henry. To Sophia Yoder Pimentel, I leave Ms. Jen’s econ class, and wearing 10 inch heels during committee sessions. To Makalah Washington, I leave Chemistry class, talks in the band room, bullying Eduardo, and the Insane Clown Posse (they’re all yours). To Jo Edwards, I leave experiments gone wrong, and the virgin mary. To Bridget M., I leave you Robert Pattinson, Walton’s plays, and covering you in fake blood. To Nina Alabanza, Tylor Brino-Dean, and Finn Maddox, I leave you the creative writing strand, Ms. Hostetter (take good care of her,) and the literary Magazine. To the FAACL Senior class of 2023, I leave you J.R. snow, and Gibson’s room. I leave you lots of good luck, and a reminder to enjoy your senior year.


I, Edwin Hernandez-Diaz, being of intelligent mind and strong body, de hereby bequeath the following items: To Mrs. Johnson, I leave my passion for reading, to Mrs. Bowman, I leave my blossoms of my determination, and to Mr. Jackson, my thanks for being a great instructor.

I, Gretl Holz, being of mind and healthy body, do hereby bequeath the following items To Anna Campillo I leave Joy, so she can get through all the hard big girl stuff ahead of her. To Zaida Wang I leave lots of hand waves, as I won’t be able to wave to you in the halls between second and third block after I graduate. To Jade Chao, I leave a good, hearty hug because she deserves it.

I, Madison Horneber, being of empty mind and hot body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To The Tennis Team, I leave an entire container of cookout’s special sauce and a hopper full of dead tennis balls. To Clare Kirwan and Sophia Yoder, I leave a burger with no bun, laughing attacks, Drake’s Hotline Bling, drives home after practices, and endless photoshoots. To Coach Yoder, I leave the term “hot as balls.” To The Fine Arts Academy Juniors, I leave luck, for the Capstone, you’re going to need it. To Mr. Snow, I leave the podcast and coffee runs during school hours. To Ms. Brooks, I leave the approval stamp, “it’s me, but it’s not really me,” and our random after-school talks. To Mia Sheets, I leave a list of all your exes so we can both keep track.


I, Olivia King, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Ella Young, Linnea Siderhurst, and Kate Nichols I leave the positive energy in Dance Company, to Quetzalli Artega and Gali Santiago I leave being the best captains for the girls soccer team, to Tylor Brino, Tam Ha, and Sarah Doan I leave the many memories from ASL class, to Lydia Showalter and Natalie Corso I leave our concussion heads, to Lily Fleming I leave all the deep conversations, you have given me more than I can leave, to the musical cast I leave our snow day adventure, and to the rest of the soccer team I leave my love and hope for many successful seasons.

I, Kate Kirwan, being of wandering mind and running body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Annie Poirot and Lena Blagg, I leave the 4×4 under the lights, ice out of the bag, braids on the way to meets, the 4×8 team, and One Direction. To the HHS Girls XC and track team, I leave the jammy-pack (hopefully you all will be better at remembering to bring it than I was), hill repeats at THMS, fitting the whole team into MJ’s car, the pin bag, the treasure chest, Super Bass, the Great Meadow course in 90 degree heat, and EVAC. I love you, Lady Navy! To Ty Brino-Dean, Abby Kauffman, and Kasey Thompson, I leave waiting for the rest of the team to change. Good luck. Take care of Lady Navy well <3 To the HHS debate team, I leave waiting for debate awards while they announce the 100 speech categories, a state run at VHSL next year, and the couch in Cosner’s room. To the 3A APUSH class I leave unfinished concept outlines and late Albert.ios. To Abby Kauffman, Anish Aradhey, and Emma Swartz, I leave the STEM Executive Board and the hopes of a Back to the Bay trip. Eat lots of ice cream for us seniors in the STEM office. To the MRGS Juniors, I leave the bus ride to gov school and extended break hash browns. To Clare Kirwan, I leave the good ol’ Kirwan van (please take good care of her in all of her glory), Taylor Swift car ride jams on the way home from practice, unlocking the passenger seat door from the drivers seat, a state championship in debate, bothering you while you do homework, my houseplants, and the key to my dorm room (please come visit). I love you endlessly. To the HHS teachers, coaches, and staff, I leave my gratitude for your kindness and for fostering my love of learning.

I, Brianna Knupp, being of indifferent mind and beautiful body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Emma Knupp, I leave my chromebook charger and bookbag, have fun.


I, Guillermo Lopez, being of open/calm mind and fit body, want to say: class of 2022 I am proud of you for getting through high school and fighting all the obstacles that life threw at you during these 4 years.


I, Genesis Martinez, being of a brilliant mind and gorgeous body, do hereby bequeath the following items to Ava Nelson, the entire hhs cheer program lol, to Eric Valderramos, Tinsley’s econ class, to Fisher, prom committee and to Ava again, all of the reckless high school memories.

I, Henry Matter, being of sexy mind and hot body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Caleb Bergey I leave poorly built rockets, duct tape, and 6 layers of cardboard I peeled off my rocket. To Liam Wightman I leave formula 1 (Ferrari 2022), To Lucy Ludwig and Steven Louis I leave Summer stem and Chinchilla, To Lena Fulton Wright I leave an unhiked hike, concert band, Macrock, and Ilana’s Ford Fiesta, To Lydia Brown and Lena I leave a bright future for HHS MUN, Lightning Mccoy and Tow Matter. To Adam Van Wyk I leave lincoln douglass, devils advocate, and questionable bills… To Emiliano Muniz absolutely nothing and the porpoise of life, To Norah Tang and Clare Kirwan I leave the dream of making fort defiance kids cry mid round, To Josiah Wikline I leave asking old people for ID, the drive, a construction vest, and some quick 100s. To Shea Spears and Isabel Matter I leave Thrifting, yelling out the windows, and several pairs of clout goggles. To Marley Falls and Palmer Hall I leave driving stick. Finally to Toby Corriston I leave the red sea.

I, Ilana Mattson, being of delirious mind and exhausted body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Lena Fulton-Wright, I leave the duty of clowning the Model UN club, Plain Jane (feat. Nicki Minaj), drives in the Fiesta, Food Lion runs, Yellow Red Bulls, and gigs downtown. Don’t die without me. To Lydia Brown, I leave the duty of holding MUN together, my horn tone and volume, cockiness, meowing, and runs to J’s. To Emma Swartz, I leave a bountiful marching season, Page County accents, and your freshman year pixie cut <3. To my tennis girls Cindy, Clare, Norah, Sophia, and Soraya, I leave my only decent shot (my backhand), doubles during practice, tennis courts that aren’t cracked, and the McDonald’s bathroom To Davis Bert, I leave a proper embouchure, Camus, and Friday Night stand tunes To Aiyanna Thornton, I leave my public speaking skills, my small library of old cases, and getting coffee while it snows

I, Maren McGehee, being of thoughtless mind and hot body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Braeden McGrath, I leave being the blond snare player with long hair and telling the stupidest jokes known to man. To Michelle Artega, I leave the baby in my snare drum pocket if you will have him, as well as being the short member of the horizontals. To Liam Wightman, I leave being the silliest of geese, and also my future back problems. To Gram Vass, I leave being the only violin player in percussion. Its your turn for upton to bother you about your playing and say you’re playing the fiddle. I’ll miss all my fellas very dearly

I, Alexis (AJ) Moats, being of pandemonious mind and functioning body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Adam and Cindy, I leave the energy of the Marching Blue Streak Band. To Danny and Ariyan, I leave the rowdy trumpet section, and an abundance of confidence. Have fun. To Cynthia, I leave valuable conversations and connections, empathy, letters, and the demonic red duck. To Eiby, I leave countless conversations of “I can’t do it,” followed by nothing other than you doing it. To Leilei, I leave sitting in the itchy grass, talking about life. To Steven, I leave hoodies. To Riley, I leave squeaky name calling, sass, and John Lentil soup. To Anish, I leave the positive energy that made my days. 😛 To Isaiah, I leave the crusty dusty minivan, lonely car rides without k-pop, and living up to my legacy, of course (absolutely kidding, you will surpass me by a long shot).

I, Mollie Moomaw, being of courteous mind and clumsy body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Ashlyn Smiley I leave our ASL lunchroom “cry so hard you laugh” conversations. To Victoria Moutinho I leave our morning hugs and lots of motherly love. To Kimber Lambert I leave long parking lot conversations that result in sunburns. To Lesly Rivera and Abena Darko I leave the Ghost of Tom. To Riley Coburn I leave Herman the Worm and soup. To all of my wonderful dancers, I leave the HHS Stage and Adele.To Olivia Eberly, Sequoia Hall, Marin Sikes, Natalie Corso, Lydia King, Addison Mason, and Nina Alabanza I leave the superior green room. To Reese Tibbles I leave fake punches and reporter stories. To Toby Corriston I leave aggressive pre-show and post-show high fives. Finally, to all of my teachers I leave you a huge thank you for everything you have done for me over the past four years. Go Streaks!

I, Ellie Muncy, being of beautiful mind and creative headspace, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Jolie Sallah I leave my short Senior year schedule in hopes you’ll have a similar one, I also leave the volleyball team, lastly I leave late night fast food dates and target trips. To Silas Spears: I leave late cookout fiasco’s, and car jam sessions. To Veronica Gutierrez: I leave hard AP Psych FRQ’s and Tests, and late night texts of helping each other out with home tests. To Jaiden Lemon: I leave the basketball team, and strong teammate bonds.


I, Marcus Nickerson, being of monkey mind and pumpkin body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To everyone, have a nice nap in your English class.


I, Miguel Paniagua, being of goofy mind and lively body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Marley Falls, I leave the endless craves for food during first block and our countless conversations 🙂 To Aiyana Thornton, I leave you the long rants and tenth grade drama you’d share, I also leave the LONGG nightly tech week rehearsals 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do! To Danny Ramos and Daniel Jimenez, I leave the weekly bonfires, food runs after marching band, and all the Takis and hot Cheetos at every function. To Claire Leeper, I leave the countless discussions and multi-hour conversations, for some reason extremely long honor event rides. Furthermore, all my clarinet assistance and etude recordings… I also unfortunately leave you to deal with Upton 😀 To Buddy, I leave you showing up late to every call time, all my VT jokes, my extravagant (cOughH, chUckLe, lAughHh) clarinet playing, and bothering you every 2 seconds 🙂 To Adam VanWyk, I leave you the the best clarinet duo HHS ever had, the Marching Blue Streak Band and it’s janky podium, taking everything up 10,000 octaves every change we have, countless clarinet duets, endless advice on college and what to do with your life, the clarinet section, all the “wyd” ‘s that took up your phone storage, and the best fourth block debate class, can’t wait to see what ya do 😛

I, Kimberly Portillo, being of open mind and young body, do hereby bequeath the following items;To Marley Falls, I leave our circle of life. May you be the best section leader we have ever seen. To Norah Tang, I leave endless adventures, early morning car rides, and late night car talks. I also leave you Gio, Bryson, and Ethan. To Imaan Shakoor, I leave you with all the memories, late nights at your house and most importantly, my appreciation for always telling me the things I need to hear To Byson Moats, I leave Gio, and endless 7-11 runs after school To Giovanni Portillo, I leave you the responsibility of Lee and the 2013 Toyota Corolla. To Veronica Gutierrez, I leave you 1000 different conversation topics To Lena Fulton-Wright, I leave you the key to my house. To Clare Kirwin, I leave you endless videos of Lee and tennis laughs To Sophia Pimentel Yoder, I leave you silly talks To Soraya Kaussler, I leave you many selfies and my appreciation for all your knowledge about the world. You’re going to do great things! To Marsenia Chicas, I leave you 1 million tenor sax reeds and the B flat scale To Erika Beck, I leave you my appreciation for introducing me to Lee AKA the best cat in the world To Sydney Ganoe, I leave you tons of random eye contact in Mr. Healys classroom To Nahom, I leave you Mr. Upton To Cindy Liu, I leave you the pickle ball courts To Lydia Brown, I leave you car rides to the bank and a future working together in the White House. To Lada Dmytriyeva, I leave you random statements that make no sense To Lance Justice, I leave you Good Mornings and a shopping cart To Emma Swartz and Anish, I leave you guys with “ The best Code Ever” To Mrs. Johnson, I leave you a hug, fist bump, a couple more banana peels for your chickens, and all my love and appreciation for always believing in me. To Mr. Healy, I leave you my appreciation for all of your knowledge and random sightings in the evening streets of 33.


I, Ava Rath, being of creative mind and body do hereby bequeath the following items: To Marley Falls, I leave second breakfast banana muffins, and filling class time with online shopping. To Ella Young, I leave the HHS stage for you to take over in dance when I leave:(, I leave my positive energy for you to light up the room. To Addison Rath, I leave the blue chair on the right side of the library. (Don’t worry it’s cushioned)

I, Jeffrey Robinson, being a benevolent mind and courageous body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Layla Seefried, I leave the honor of us both being Section Leaders for the HHS Drumline this past year. To Phillip Lockey, I leave the growth we had as individuals and players throughout our time in band and high school. To Jaimere Beauzieux, I leave all of the goofiness we had together, all of the games we played together, and you just being so darn epic. To Braeden McGrath, I leave the biggest goober of the Marching Blue Streak Band and his optimistic view on life. To Maren McGehee, I leave the honor of being the leadership team with you and being able to see us grow through the band and real life. To Liam Wightman, I leave my Jig 2 Bro and being one of the most dedicated percussionists I’ve seen in my time here at HHS. To Chris White, I leave all of the amazing activities/events we did in the STEM Academy and other things at HHS. To Riley Coburn, I leave the honor of working with you in the percussion section as leadership and keep up your high energy spirit for the years to come. To Micah Wickline, I leave the ability to see you grow as a clarinet player, but mostly as a person, and enjoying your time with Minecraft. To Izaiah Smith-Dugger, I leave your super high energy on the bass line this past year and also for being the Bongo Legend. To Jeslyn Liu, I leave the honor of working beside you on the leadership team this past year and just for being a great person to play with and talk too.

I, Sam Rooker, being of creative mind and competitive body, do hereby bequeath the following Items: *To Anish Aradhey, Ashley Huang, Jesse Kreider, Alex Emigdio-Torres, and Jack Rooker I leave the HHS Technology Student Association. This organization is a broad and beautiful one, dedicated to a variety of competitions and leadership opportunities. Keep up the good work and don’t ever let that feeling from Technosphere go. *To Niguel Crawford and Abel Rodriguez I leave the Bass Clarinet section of the band. You are both talented musicians and amazing comrades in our unique section. Good luck to you, and specifically to Niguel good luck on leadership. The future of our section is in competent hands. *To my brother, Jack Rooker, I leave HHS and all it has to offer. Here is to hoping that you find success in its many clubs and organizations. That you should find something you love, and never let it go. Good luck to you, and much love.


I, Roselyn Sanchez, being of a kind mind and beautiful body, do hereby bequeath the following items, To Marley falls I leave the piccolo section, to Amy Sanchez Lanza I leave being the last Sanchez Lanza sister in band, to Daniel Jimenez I leave the “bonfire?” At every gathering, to Esme Cardoso and Quetzalli Arteaga I leave the boy talk at every game, to Angie and Margie Delcid Lopez I leave being the Hondurans of the soccer team.

I, Layla Seefried, being of tranquil mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Lily Fleming, I leave a spectacular attendance record, godawful singing sessions, crying in the most unnecessary and random places, and the trauma of everything we’ve been through together. Stay strong. I love you. To Braeden McGrath, I leave my extraordinarily good marching snare rolls, very comforting hugs, my ability to drive stick, protection from scary boys, and the authority to make the drum line hold set for unimaginable amounts of time, though I know you’re too nice for that. I can’t wait to see where life takes you. To all of my percussion babies, I leave our rule list (especially rule number one), absolutely terrible dancing to the circus trap remix music, meowing, and the goofiness that you must uphold. Thank you for fitting a lifetime of absurdity and silliness into a singular marching season. To Michelle Arteaga, I leave ownership of the Blue Streak Band. Keep those boys in check for me. To Lance Justice, I leave our very occasional, yet incredibly fun hang out seshes. To Marley Falls, I leave the Circle of Life and always awkwardly being the last ones back to the band room after competitions. To Liam Wightman, I leave stupid anime memes and Braeden. Take care of him for me. To Wyatt Tinkham, I leave your infatuation…you know what I’m talking about. To Jack Haverty, I leave the hope that you stay out of trouble, though I know that’s an impossible ask. To Riley Coburn, I leave the WiPerc legacy. To Natnael Weldu, I leave all of the tears of the marching season. To Vill, I leave the love letter and absurdly long drives to your house after competitions. To Gio Portillo, I leave Crave.

I, Morgan Stum, being of mentally unstable mind and falling apart body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Kaitlyn, I leave my passion for procrastination. To Cheyenne Sonifrank, I leave my unnecessary love for Andrew Garfield. To Riley Coburn, I leave my love and passion for sleeping in class. To Marcenia Chicas, I leave my dark purple pen used for peer grading. To Ariyan Koyee, I leave my bright pink pen also used for peer grading.


I, Fanny Valderramos, being of random mind and empowering body, do bequeath the following items: to Wynona Janer, I leave our after school and lunch memories, to Bidika Karki, I leave my long venting talks, to Leidi Romero, I leave the fast pace walks to the car, to Smily Herrera, I leave my friendship, and receive her as my sister.

I, James Vance, being of somewhat average mind and exquisite body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To my sister, Abby Vance, I leave my AP biology notebook, To Miguel Fajardo, I leave the starting first base job on the Varsity baseball team, To Gachi Cano, I leave a bad hop to the face, and to my youngest sister, Sadie Vance, I leave my Highlighter that I kept in my backpack for my whole career in highschool that I never used.

I, Mary Elizabeth Vaughan, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Mr. Henschel and Mr. Yoder, I leave all of my opera and general trivia knowledge. To Ms. Schwenke and Mr. Mumaw, I leave math games and riddles. To Mr. Foster, I leave Monster of the Week and decks of cards. To Mr. Blosser, I leave protocols and small tubes of tick DNA. To Mr. Sneller and Ms. Cullip, I leave quiet Tuesday afternoons and helping people find their way around lab.


I, Maya Waid, being of fearless mind and courageous body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Autumn, Ari, Logaan and Bree Bree, I leave BIG WAID and endless comments on Instagram posts. To my volleyball team, I leave you all my messages about team meal and playing the three C’s game before our matches. To my basketball team, I leave you playing the speaker so loud in the locker room that we can’t hear when coach comes in and Saturday morning practices (those I will not miss). To my HHS Media mentees, I leave you my checklists and persistent messages about assignments, you guys were so great. To Kai and Rylee, I leave leading warm ups and running our three laps. To Jack, Tyler and Louis I leave sports recap and brining back the Blue Streak talkshow. To Adrian and Clare, I leave working with InDesign and Friday morning meetings. To my HOSA members, I leave bringing Glazer Chick-fil-A sweet tea and long drives to conferences in the school van. To Autumn, I leave our chats in the corner and the candy bin (or what is left of it after Jolie is done). To Kasey and Riley, I leave HHS Media and my chair in the corner, I can’t wait to see where you guys lead our publications. To Silas, I leave the color periwinkle, the website and my locked phone. To Jolie, I leave a tree, slippers and being forever left on view only. To Jaiden, I leave watching film in sports med and leading our basketball team, you will do great kid. Of course, to Macy I leave my confidence, I know you will find your niche in high school and I am excited to see you thrive, I will always be a phone call away.

I, Micah Wickline, being of Semi-Stable mind and Decently fit body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To the boys in the car, I leave rides to school with awkward silence, Mr. Jays Fridays, and a little bit of chicken fried. To the new section leaders of the clarinet section, I leave calf raises, holding set for far too long, and a lifetime of fond memories. To the Adaptive Music class, I leave dance parties, donuts, cakes, and all the soup you could eat. To the cast of next years musical I leave late night Ihop and goofy traditions. To Josiah, I leave the Disney + password to pass the time in class.


I, Sophia Yoder, being of imaginative mind and coffee-fueled body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Anish Aradhley, Emma Swartz, and Abby Kauffman, I leave stale STEM office snacks, long board meetings, the craziness of coordinating schedules and the mural. You guys are going to do amazing things for the Academy next year. To Emi Muñiz, I leave the symphonic band alto saxophone section. Play loud and proud. To the WISTEM committee, I leave planning meetings, fun t-shirts and Film on the Field. To Annie Poirot and Lena Blagg, I leave the cursed 4×4 team. Break a record next year. To Silas Spears and Lucas Swartz, I leave rock hard sand, run-backs and the jumping crew. To Mr. Blosser, I leave red velvet cupcakes, a clean room 128 (SoFlo will be back in 5 years), the *annual* career fair, and DNA day. Thank you for always encouraging and supporting my extravagant ideas. To Mr. Upton, Mr. Healy, Coach Denlinger, Coach Hertzler, Mrs. Leeper, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Sneller, Mr. Burgess, Mrs. Cullip, Ms. Brino, Ms. Swisher, Ms. Du, Mr. Shantz, Mr. Bair, Mr. Estes, I leave my endless appreciation for helping me grow and achieve the past four years of high school. You all are incredible teachers/coaches and HHS is lucky to have you.