Wells looks forward to high school track


Farrah King-Hughes

Eighth grader Molly Wells competes in the track meet at Harrisonburg High School.

Farrah King-Hughes, Staff Reporter

Wednesday, May 4, eighth grader Molly Wells ran at a high school meet for the first time. Wells enjoys what she has experienced so far and plans on continuing track and field when she gets into high school. 

“I think [track] is pretty fun, but I thought there would be more people,” Wells said. “I have liked seeing what it’s going to be like next year and seeing some new events such as hurdles, high jump, and pole vault.”

Wells feels that middle school meets differ from high school meets.

“The middle school meets feel very different from the high school meets. Everyone here is taller and you can do four jumps instead of three jumps which is cool,” Wells said. “It’s also a lot quieter compared to middle school meets where it is loud and crowded. There are also a lot more adults and it feels more organized with the way they run things here.”

In the future, Wells plans on staying in track and field and she wants to try new things. 

“I would really like to try hurdles, pole vault, or high jump next year because I think they would be something different to try,” Wells said. “[Overall], I’d like to try as much as I can except for long distance because it’s long, hard, and tiring.”

Wells chose her events based on her love for short distance events rather than long distance. 

“I chose the events I have now because I prefer shorter distances which is why I do the 4x200m and long jump,” Wells said. “I like relays and long jump because they are enjoyable. With those events I feel like you’re able to just explode and run which is fun.”