Moats, Portillo participate in All Valley District track meet


Photo courtesy of Matthew Denlinger

The boys outdoor track team poses for a picture after the All Valley District Meet.

Shea Spears, Staff Reporter

Junior Bryson Moats and sophomore Gio Portillo Martinez competed in shot put and discus at the Valley District meet at Spotswood High School on April 20th.

“I joined outdoor track because I heard it was a lot of fun,” Portillo said. “So far I have really enjoyed the season.”

The outdoor season started at the end of March and students have been participating in daily practices and weekly meets with the team.

“I am doing outdoor track because of the people I met last year and I wanted to have another season with them,” Moats said.

Moats competes in the discus.

 [I do discus because] I’m kind of sweet with it and I like how technical it is.[You use] everything you’ve got in a short span,” said Moats.

Moats and the rest of his teammates who compete in shot put and discus has been practicing shot put and discus since the beginning of the outdoor track season.

“[I like shot put more than discus] because it’s just raw power,” Moats said.

Moats enjoys both practice and meets but he enjoys the community the most. 

“My favorite part about track is definitely the throwers, they are the coolest people on the team, by far,” Moats said.

Portillo also enjoys the people in track, including other throwers from different teams.

“I just like the other throwers because I get to see them at most meets and we have a lot of fun together and they are just fun people,” Portillo said

At the past meet Portillo felt very accomplished with his discus throwing and was very happy about how far he was throwing.

“My favorite part about the track meet was when I threw my PR in discus, it was 98 feet, almost 100,” Portillo said. “It felt like I was at the top of the world.”

The meet was also enjoyable for Moats. He threw well, but he also had a good time with his friends who were also throwing discus and shot put.

“My favorite part of the meet was when Joel ripped my shirt off to get me hyped,” Moats said.  “There was this trend going around where people were ripping people’s shirts off and there was another shirt underneath. And I told Joel that we should do that for a track meet, so I brought an old t-shirt and Joel ripped it off and my uniform was under it. It was pretty awesome.” 

Moats and Portillo both plan on doing track next year.