Help decide names, colors, mascot of new high school


Used with permission by HCPS

Scan the QR code to fill out a survey featuring details of the new high school. On the survey you can pick names, colors and the mascot you think best fitting for the new high school.

Silas Spears, Online Editor in Chief

The new high school is in the middle of getting its name, mascot and colors. Superintendent Michael Richards is playing a major role in this. 

“At its meeting this week, the school board narrowed down the naming committee’s recommendations for name, colors, and mascot. For the school name, the School Board selected the options Rocktown, South Ridge, and Valley View. The color options are either red & black or different shades of the HHS colors. The Board’s favored mascot is Thunder to complement the HHS Blue Streaks (lightning),” Richards said.

The board is allowing for students to vote on such decisions that they will consider in their next meeting May 3, 2022. 

“The board plans to vote on name, colors, and mascot at its May 3 meeting.  But first, board members want to hear what students think of the choices. This is where we need help from our teachers and other staff who may be in a position to assist. We have created an online survey for students only to complete.”

Any students in  HCPS have the opportunity to fill out this form. You can fill it out HERE. The survey will close Friday, May 29.