Students partake in phone tag during school


Aisha Gil Sanchez

Student takes a picture of another student to tag them in ‘Phone Tag’.

Aisha Gil Sanchez, Staff Reporter

A new game has been going around social media, Phone Tag. Freshmans Lawra Ashkeba and Sophomore Banin Hasan and a few more friends all made a groupchat to play phone tag in one of their classes.

“We choose to play tag because it [is a] fun [game]. Along with the game being fun, we named the group chat ‘Peekaboo I see you’, ” Hansan said.

The rules are very simple according to Hanson. When a player finds the person they want to tag, they take a picture of them and send it into the groupchat saying “tag you’re it.” After that, the person who was tagged has to find someone else. The game ends when the last bell rings.

“My favorite part about playing [phone] tag is running away [from the people who want to tag me],” Hansan said.

Freshman Lawra Ashkeba and sophomore Banin Hasan both had very different thoughts on the game. Ashkeba was worried about hiding and not being tagged. While Hasanon the other hand, was concerned about why they were playing in school.

“I love [playing tag], [I] always have and always will,” Ashkeba said.

Having a bigger group of people to play makes the game better, according to the group.

“We do not play tag all the time [since] it uses a lot of our energy,” Hansan said.

Members of the group chat were chosen by replying to a Snapchat story.

“Whoever wanted to play, slid up [on the story] and got added to the group chat,” Ashkeba Said.

Ashkeba and Hasan along with her friends all enjoyed playing the game. Though,many didn’t want to wait until the next B day to play again.

“Playing was a very fun experience, [it] had my heart racing all day,” Hasan Said.