Sanchez starts for JV soccer team


Brady Shifflett

Freshmen Otoniel Sanchez lunges over a defender during a game.

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

Freshman Otoniel Sanchez began his first high school soccer season as a JV starter. Sanchez has high hopes for his team. 

“[I would like to] win every game and try to get better as a player,” Sanchez said. 

Even though this is his first year playing on the team, he has discovered that his strength is his speed on the outside wing of the field.

“It’s pretty fun because I get to just run past people and normally they can’t keep up,” Sanchez said.

The lineup this season for the JV team includes many new additions from sophomores and freshmen, to a couple eighth graders. 

“A lot of my friends [are playing soccer that are] freshman too, that makes [practice and games] a lot more enjoyable,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez is excited to continue playing going forward and plans on staying on the team next year, whether for JV or shooting for a spot on varsity. As of right now, Sanchez enjoys having a spot on the JV team.

“[I like] getting better and having fun with teammates,” Sanchez said.