Fields twins find strong bond through basketball


Photo Courtesy of Karron Fields

Latham (left) and Tiberius (right) Fields participate in an AAU basketball tournament.

Jack Young, Staff Reporter

From the backyard to the hardwood, freshmen Latham and Tiberius Fields have grown up playing basketball against each other their entire life. Although they’ve played on a few different teams , the one that was the most important to them was their dad’s travel team, The Ballerz. Karron Fields, the twin’s father, started the Ballerz while the twins were in the fifth grade. 

“The Ballerz was the first team I played on that really helped me develop as a player,’’ Tiberius Fields said.

Latham and Tiberius played on the Ballerz all throughout their middle school years, while also playing on the Skyline basketball team.

“Middle school basketball taught me about what it meant to work hard and win with my team,’’ Latham Fields said.

 “I’ve always loved basketball but during middle school is when I really began to take it more seriously,” Tiberius Fields said. 

To practice for their upcoming freshman season at the high school, they continued to train  during the summer. 

“To get better during the summer, I would try and get up as many shots as I could to improve my shooting,” Latham Fields said.

The twins spent their time practicing  since there were limited things to do with all the COVID-19 restrictions. 

“I would usually play outside since most gyms were closed because of the lockdown,” Tiberius Fields said.

The start of their freshman season has given the twins the opportunity to improve and be more competitive against each other and their opponents. 

“Sometimes playing with my brother can be annoying, but at the same time it can be fun because we have good chemistry on the court,” Tiberius Fields said.