Castelan-Rafael admitted to Radford through onsite admissions


Used with permission by Anna Du

Senior Crystal Castelan-Rafael (left) poses with a Radford University representative after receiving her acceptance during Virginia College Application Week.

Brigid Banks, Photo Editor

Senior Susana (Crystal) Castelan-Rafael participated in the onsite admission opportunity for Radford University this week for Virginia College Application Week (VACAW).

“I did early action [for Radford university], through the Common App. I did all of that before the first  of November and then I heard two weeks after  that I got accepted into Radford,” Castelan-Rafael said.

The process of onsite admissions included a short review process before a decision was made.

“[For onsite admissions] it was an interview. They viewed my transcript and then  told me then and there if I got in. There were on average of 12 people there, and I think all of them got accepted,” Castelan-Rafael said.

Radford is currently one of Castelan-Rafael’s choices for schools next year.

“[Radford] is an option at the moment, because it’s far yet close to home. It seems like a pretty good school as well, and just a way to get away from Harrisonburg,” Castelan-Rafael said.

Castelan-Rafael plans on going to college to pursue a career in education.

“I want to be a teacher, and [possibly] minor in music. [I want to be] an elementary school music teacher,” Castelan-Rafael said.

While applying to Radford, Castelan-Rafael has also applied to several other schools.

“I’m still waiting to hear from all of them. [A couple colleges] I’ve applied to [are], James Madison University, George Mason [University], University of Pittsburgh, University of Tennessee Knoxville, University of Delaware, Bridgewater [College], Radford [University] and there are a couple more. [My top college] is definitely University of Pittsburgh because it’s away from Harrisonburg and allows me to be independent,” Castelan-Rafael said.