Fornadel and Ludwig connect through soccer


Adrian Kavazovic

Sophomores Addison Fornadel and Lucy Ludwig pose for a photo outside of their classroom.

Adrian Kavazovic, Print Editor-in-Chief

From the soccer field to school, sophomores Addison Fornadel and Lucy Ludwig have been close friends since fourth grade. When Ludwig moved to a new school, their friendship began. 

“We first became friends when we were in fourth grade when Addison joined the soccer team I was playing on. It wasn’t until sixth grade that we started hanging out a lot because I moved to the same school she was in,” Ludwig said. 

One of the best moments Fornadel and Ludwig have experienced together was when they both played on the JV girls soccer team in eighth grade. 

“We [only] got to play together for ten minutes, but it was fun while it lasted. It was definitely a good experience for the both of us because we just wanted to play soccer together. We work well together on the field. [Having a] bond off the field helps [as well]. Making that team together was probably one of the best things,” Fornadel said. 

Despite making the soccer team together, the girls faced challenges that they worked on to overcome together.

“[During that] soccer season, Addison and [I] were both starters for the JV team and ten minutes in [to the game], I tore my ACL and meniscus. Addison was there for me every step of the way,” Ludwig said. 

Even though their soccer seasons didn’t go as they intended, Fornadel supported Ludwig through the recovery process. 

“I felt bad for Lucy because it was our first game and it happened right in the beginning. I wanted to do as much as I could to help and be there for her because it [was] a really hard time.  You can’t really do much when you’re in bed for a month,” Fornadel said. 

Ludwig and Fornadel participate in similar activities, which helps build them closer. 

“We both play soccer together, our families are close, so we’re always together. When we have our occasional arguments, we get over it within two hours. I definitely [consider us] inseparable,” Ludwig said. “I don’t think we have [been in an argument where our friendship was close to ending]. There’s been times where we didn’t talk for a bit. Last year we weren’t really close at all, we didn’t have classes [together].”

 Fornadel enjoys being friends with Ludwig because she benefits off of her.  

“Being friends with Lucy has altered my life in a positive way, she’s always there to make me laugh and I make her laugh. It’s just nice to have someone there who can bring up your mood whenever you need it,” Fornadel said. 

If they were to stop being friends, Fornadel would miss the memories and how Ludwig has made a difference in her life.  

“If we decided to no longer be friends it would make me upset. [Lucy is always there for me. I go to her for help in different cases, my homework, and life.  She’s like my hype woman and is always there for me. It’s hard to find someone else that does that, it’s kind of rare or special,” Fornadel said.