Outer Banks proves to be best vacation spot


Nolan Henry

An Outer Banks sunset.

Nolan Henry, Staff Reporter

My favorite part of the Outer Banks isn’t the fishing or amusement parks or attractions, it’s the people. All of the locals are very kind, helpful and respectful. They are always willing to give a helping hand. The last time I visited, a lady came in Dillons Tackle Shop and asked for help filling her tires with air. Without hesitation, the worker got right up and helped her.

My family and I visit the Outer Banks once or twice a year. The main reason we go is to fish. We never fail to have a good time. Even if we don’t catch anything, which never happens, we still enjoy ourselves. 

A lot of small businesses in the Outer Banks are struggling, so when we need groceries or whenever we want to eat out, we choose small, local businesses. The grocery store that we go to is called Conner’s Supermarket. It’s kind of like a small Walmart, they always have everything you need and everyone that works there is kind. The tackle shop we go to is also run by locals. If you ever visit, try and choose locally run businesses. 

The only things I don’t like about the Outer Banks is the long drive and expensive hotels, but it’s all worth it once you get there and hit the beach. Recently, my family rented houses on a canal to stay at for the week. It’s a bit more expensive, but also worth it because you can swim and fish there too.

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