Counseling department holds Wellness Fair for sophomores


Kasey Thompson

Sophomores participate in outdoor games during the Wellness Fair.

The counseling department held a Wellness Fair for each grade level throughout the last four Wednesdays. May 19 was the sophomore wellness fair. The goal of the event was to allow each grade level to focus on connecting, as well as learning ways to improve their health and wellness. 

Counselor Lora Cantwell participated in the planning of the event. She believes that the fair went really well, and it was a great way to feel connected after not feeling that way all year. 

“Overall the event went well, [it] was really fun. It was great to be outside connecting with each other after such a long year,” Cantwell said. 

The counseling department wanted to plan an event such as this one because the past year has felt long for students and many had difficulty adjusting to online learning. 

“We know that it has been such a long year, and we wanted to create an event that would give students a space to just be together but also talk about mental health and wellness,” Cantwell said. 

The only downfall of the event was that not many students attended. Cantwell wishes she got to see more students. 

“I definitely would have loved it if there had been more students [attending],” Cantwell said. 

The activities planned included booths and many activities focusing on mental health and wellness after the pandemic.

“We had different stations that included stress ball making, Hamilton Karaoke and yard games,” Cantwell said. 

Cantwell is unsure whether or not the event will continue in upcoming years, however there will definitely be other fun events. 

“I am not sure if we will do this exact event again but the Counseling Department definitely plans to host more events in the future,” Cantwell said.