Escalante-Lopez plans Hawaii trip for the summer


Reprinted with permission by Lizbet Escalante-Lopez

Freshman Lizbet Escalante-Lopez has traveled to Virginia Beach. This summer, she plans to travel to Hawaii with her sister.

Emanuel Flores-Lobo, Staff Reporter

Hawaii, the tenth most visited state by tourists in the United States. Known for its beautiful beaches and its invention of surfing, Hawaii’s tourist attraction rate has grown over the past couple of years. Freshman Lizbet Escalante-Lopez will be traveling to this popular state over her summer break.
“I’m going to go visit [my] family [in Hawaii]. I have three cousins, an aunt and an uncle over there,” Escalante-Lopez said.
While she is over there, Escalante-Lopez will be staying with her family.
“I will be staying at their house,” Escalante-Lopez said. “We’re gonna spend time with [my] family and go out to the beach.”
This trip isn’t her first time traveling, but it will be her first time going to Hawaii.
“I’ve traveled to Mexico before, like two years ago, but this will be my first time going [to visit my family over there],” Escalante-Lopez said. “[I will be travelling with] my older sister [on this trip].
Escalante-Lopez is unsure when she and her sister will leave, but she knows she will be in Hawaii for about a month and come back to Virginia again in August.
“[We’re gonna leave for Hawaii] somewhere around July. [I plan on coming back] before school starts,” Escalante-Lopez said.
Before she takes off to this trip, Escalante-Lopez wants to make sure she is safe to go.
“I’m planning on getting vaccinated before I go [and my sister] is [already vaccinated], Escalante-Lopez said.
While she waits in the plane to land, Escalante-Lopez plans on relaxing throughout the ride.
“[I will] look at the view and listen to music [while we’re on our way to Hawaii], Escalante-Lopez said.
Escalante-Lopez can’t wait for July to come around and get ready to depart for her trip.
“[I’m most excited] to see family and explore [Hawaii, since I’ve never been there], Escalante-Lopez said. “I’m not sure [if we will visit any famous cities] yet [though].”

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