JV volleyball loses at home to Spotswood


Maya Waid

The JV Volleyball team lines up before their match against Turner Ashby March 2.

The girls JV volleyball team had a home game with Spotswood High School Tuesday, March 16. The two teams were tied most of the game until the Streaks let their guard down which paved victory for the Trailblazers. With the Streaks winning the first set, 25-20, and the Trailblazers taking the second set, 19-25, the game led to a third set which ended up in the Trailblazers victory, 5-15. This match led to the Streaks’ fourth loss in a row. 

Starting the match, Harrisonburg player freshman Analise Etchebarne served first. Once the first set commenced, eighth grader Teagan Miller didn’t hesitate to show her stance in the court by saving the ball from hitting the ground early on in the game. Right behind her was eighth grader Veronica Gutierrez who had four kills throughout the whole game. Gutierrez spiked the ball across the net, causing Spotswood players to miss the ball, scoring her first kill of the game (14-12). Right when the Trailblazers were a point ahead, Miller shot the ball and tied the score for her team (20-20). The Streaks ended up advancing with five more points resulting in their win of the first set. 

Eighth grader Marlene Padorne started the match off strong with a great serve. The Trailblazers ended up shooting the ball back to the Streaks, but Gutierrez spiked the ball once again, scoring for her team and getting her second kill of the match. Everything was going well for the Streaks, but the Trailblazers started to up their game. Padorne missed the ball which scored the Trailblazers first point and handed the ball to them. With Spotswood player freshman Sofia Gulino in control of the ball now, the Trailblazers were able to pass the Streaks. Gulino served the ball, but Miller missed it, scoring the second point for the Trailblazers. Throughout the second set, freshman Pira Dua and eighth grader Madison Doss coordinated an amazing block against the Streaks. However, the Streaks ended up saving the block and got the ball back in the air. Moments later, Doss ended up shooting the ball outside the boundary, scoring the last point for the Streaks this set (19-22). The Trailblazers scored three more points, leading to their victory of the second set. With the two teams tied, they moved on to the last and final set. 

Commencing the third set strong, the Trailblazers were up to a three point lead early on (0-3). Cedeno hit an amazing serve which followed up the first point for the Streaks (1-6).  Despite this point, the Trailblazers didn’t hesitate to finish off the Streaks. The Blazers went ham on the Streaks which led them to their six point lead (3-9). Freshman Lucy Ludwig shot the ball across the net really far, but unfortunately, she hit the ball too hard causing it to go out of the boundaries giving the Trailblazers their 10th point (3-10).  Moving the Trailblazers to an eight point lead was Spotswood player sophomore Sarah Hailburton. She served the perfect serve to cause the Streaks to lose their guard and get them more ahead. Finishing off the Streaks was Doss, she springed the ball over the net and caused Miller to fail her pass, emerging into the Blazers victory of the third set and match (5-15).

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