Senior David Beck commits to Virginia Tech on running scholarship


With photo permission from David Beck

Senior David Beck alongside his girlfriend senior Chloe Nichols standing on the Virginia Tech campus.

Kasey Thompson, Yearbook Editor in Chief

Senior David Beck applied to both the University of Virginia (UVA) and Virginia Tech (VT) for college next year. He got into both schools on running scholarships and,  as of right now, wants to major in neuroscience. This was a big accomplishment for Beck, even though he wasn’t expecting to decide on VT. 

“I was excited to say the least [that I got into VT]. It wasn’t a school I was expecting to go to at first, but the coaches, academics and campus all were heavily involved in persuading me that VT was the place for me,” Beck said. 

Talking to the people that are closest to Beck helped him make the decision on whether or not VT is the place for him. 

A lot of talking to my best friend, Conor Wells, my girlfriend, Chloe Nichols, and my parents [helped me make the decision to commit to VT]. In the fall of last year I was doing a track workout with Wells and we both started to realize how great of an option VT was. That single day really changed my perspective on the school. From that point on, I was pretty set on VT. As time went on, it just felt more and more like the right decision,” Beck said. 

Beck earned a scholarship for running to VT through his athletic performance over the last few years. 

“[I got a scholarship through] a lot of communication with the coaches. I’ve been in contact with [them] for over a year. As far as scholarships go, Virginia Tech gives out scholarships incrementally for running based off of athletic performances. It’s sort of an incentive to run fast and stay constantly dedicated to your craft,” Beck said. 

Getting a scholarship has helped Beck realize that he can make his biggest goals a reality. He hopes to be able to not only excel running for VT, but also make it to the Olympics one day. 

“[My biggest goals for running in college are to] contribute to the great middle distance reputation of Virginia Tech. VT has a renowned running program, and I’m lucky to be a part of that. I’d love to be a part of their distance medley relay, dip under 4:00 for the mile and win an ACC title. Additionally, I’d love to represent the US on their national team and take a shot at running at the US Olympic Trials,” Beck said.

Right now, Beck is most excited to be a part of the running community at Virginia Tech. He has already met some of the team and is excited to be included in it all. 

I’m super excited to be a part of their running team and just the community at VT in general. VT feels like home to me. I think that’s super important when it’ll be a major part of my life for the next four years. Their running team has been overwhelmingly welcoming to me. I’m just delighted to be able to train with such a great group of athletes,” Beck said. 

Beck is excited for these new steps in his life, but he is also nervous due to how big of a change it will all be. 

“I’m nervous about being away from my family. They’re such big supporters of me and motivators for me. It’ll be hard to be away from them, but I know they’ll still always be there for me.”

However, Beck’s girlfriend, Chloe Nichols and close friend, Conor Wells will hopefully be joining him at Virginia Tech, so he is excited to be surrounded by a few familiar faces. 

“It’ll be a lot of mixed emotions [being away from my friends and family]. In a sense, I’m excited to get away from Harrisonburg and meet new people. However, I love the community here, and of course I’m going to miss my family a ton. As far as my friends and girlfriend go, hopefully they’ll actually be joining me at Virginia Tech. My best friend is most likely going to be at VT with me and possibly my girlfriend too. It’s relieving to know that I’ll probably have a good group of people that I already know when heading off to college,” Beck said.