Art class during a pandemic


Finn Bell

Bell shows off a half finished drawing of the Joker. He is currently in Art 1.

Sawyer Hook, Staff Reporter

Harrisonburg High School has many classes to offer for students, some of which are art classes. There are many students in the art program that work on their craft for every day of school. Two art students taking art this semester are freshman Finn bell and junior Madison Horneber. They both do art in their free time and enroll in art classes regularly. Bell is new to Harrisonburg High School, but not new to art. Bell has always liked art throughout his life.

“For all my life I could remember being into art and drawing. I’ve always been good at it, but over time, I’ve gotten better with practice.” Bell said.

When it comes to people and their craft, many look up to people as an inspiration to them. Bell has always liked art and looks up to his parents for inspiration. He likes working and getting ideas with them while learning. 

“My parents are artists, and I enjoy working with them with artwork and see what I can do better.” Bell said.

With COVID-19 Bell’s classes are virtual, and there are lots of differences between being virtual and in person when it comes to art. 

“I think art class virtually is fine. The teacher is able to run the class well but it’s a little different.” Bell said.

Horneber is more familiar with the art program and she has always been into art as well. She got into art during 7th grade when her friend gave her a sketchbook for her birthday. Since then she has enjoyed honing her artistic skills. 

“I felt like I have always been good at art but over time I have proceeded to get better at it.” Horneber said.

Horneber enjoys doing drawing with pencils in her sketchbook because it is her favorite art medium. She also enjoys painting on canvas and drawing people’s faces in her sketchbook. Madison takes Art 3 and is part of the Fine Arts Academy. 

“Art class online is really hard because it is hard to stay motivated so it’s hard for me to get work done quicker, but I think teachers are doing a good job of doing what they can,” Horneber said.

Every teacher has had to change their plans on how the class runs, especially art teachers. 

“The teacher introduces our art project, and every day we enter the call to check in with her. Then we continue to work on our project for the rest of that class time.” Horneber said.

Although COVID-19 has hit Harrisonburg directly, teachers have not lost their dedication to help students learn and become better people.