Etchebarne appreciates different aspects of skateboarding


Photos courtesy of Adrian Etchebarne

Junior Adrian Etchebarne skateboards and learns tricks in his free time.

Junior Adrian Etchebarne has been skateboarding from a young age. Etchebarne first learned to skate when he was around three or four but just about two years ago he started to take it more seriously.

 “Skateboarding has always been there [as] something [for me to do] or just [to] go outside and play, but two years ago I started to take it more seriously,” Etchebarne said.

Throughout the years, Etchebarne has skated in different areas and along the way has found some of his favorites.

 “I always skate primitive boards and I skate them everyday if it’s not raining,” Etchebarne said. “Some of my favorite places to ride are in James Madison University, a parking garage and the skatepark.”

Etchebarne believes skateboarding can be interpreted as both a sport and hobby, depending on what you make of it.

“Skateboarding is a sport if you make it a sport. If you want to take your skating to the next level by trying bigger things and trying to get better, that’s when it becomes a sport. If you do it casually or just as transportation, then in my opinion, it is more of a hobby than a sport,” Etchebarne said.

Etchebarne likes to ride his skateboard for multiple reasons. One being there is a lot of variety. He feels you can step out of your boundaries and try new things. 

“I like skateboarding because it’s very chill and there’s so many different aspects of skateboarding. There’s cruising around, learning tricks, filming them and having sessions on an obstacle,” Etchebarne said. 

Etchebarne has always loved skateboarding; especially the feeling he gets from it.

“I love skateboarding because it [gives you] such an adrenaline rush. When you land a new trick or step out of your boundaries to try something new, that feeling is like no other,” Etchebarne said.