Freshmen develop ideas for future SCA events


Mia Constantin

Students get in a line to get their s’mores made by SCA advisor Danae Delozier during a basketball game last year.

From online art shows to coding programs, freshmen have thought of many ideas for events the SCA could take on this year despite COVID-19 restrictions. Freshmen Lucy Ludwig and Addison Fornadel both believe a food drive could be a future idea for SCA to plan this year.

“I’d like them to do a food drive for families in need, and we just drop the food off at school,” Fornadel said.

Freshman Cindy Liu has a different plan but still wants to focus on helping out our community while staying coronavirus free.

“Socially distanced charity events would be cool, like a cleanup of a park since everyone probably goes to them more,” Liu said.

 Freshman Christopherjon Hulleman has the suggestion for SCA to set up virtual video game rooms, where everyone from school could play video games together. Freshman Eleanor Tjaden has a similar proposal, but for students interested in coding specifically.

“[SCA could do a] coding competition [where] students are welcome to code a program to run a small game or cool animation for others,” Tjaden said.

This wasn’t Tjaden’s only idea. Since Tjaden was 10, she has been writing down her ideas for events, parties, and gatherings in a binder. Over the years, she has come up with many ideas for different types of people. She has planned math, sport, theatre, art, dance, media and holiday suggestions. One of her ideas is a Happiness Project.

“The easiest way to get through to the student body is [by] creating a social media account. We should have an account for them throughout this to help spread positivity,” Tjaden said.

 Freshman Julie Beshoar hopes to have a dance this year, and she has a plan of how this could happen while still following CDC guidelines. 

“Ever since I was little, I dreamed of doing high school things. With corona, it feels impossible to do; however, I think utilizing our school’s outdoor area would be a way we could host a school dance. That way, my childhood fantasies could be fulfilled, but in a safe way,” Beshoar said.

 Freshman Solomon Fowler-Evans also hopes to have a school dance along with other events. 

“I would like it if the SCA organized a dance, game night and maybe even a movie night,” Fowler-Evans said.

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