Polishchuk, Lagoda develop new hobbies during quarantine

New hobbies and interests became more of an option for students during quarantine because there has been lots of time to spare at home. Freshman Sulamita Lagoda and sophomore Evelyn Polishchuk have both started new hobbies during quarantine. Some of their hobbies include; sports and exercise, different kinds of art, and calligraphy.

“I started to express my creativity and get in shape. It also helps me relax and enjoy the time I have.” Lagoda said. 

Tennis is a sport that is enjoyable for Polishchuk and it gives her the motivation to do something active.

“I like how tennis is active and you can move around,” Polishchuk said.

Lagoda plans to continue her hobby and one day in the future, make it her career. 

“I want to be an architect and that has something in common with art,” Lagoda said. 

The average amount of time both Lagoda and Polishchuk spend while doing their hobby is about one hour a day. That average is fairly low to the amount of time a person spends doing their hobby in the United States. However, they have started to spend more time doing their hobbies over quarantine. 

“I had much more time in quarantine and that’s why I started spending more time doing my artwork,” Lagoda said.  

Motivation and time are very important when trying to start a new hobby.

 “I started my hobby by getting motivated over the summer to play tennis and I just like drawing and writing so that’s why I do calligraphy,” Polishchuk said.

Portraiture is important to Lagoda because it motivates her to continue her artwork each day.

 “This one time I drew a portrait, which came out really good and it always motivates me to do my art,” Lagoda said.