“The Office” is America’s most lovable sitcom


Clare Kirwan

The office is the most popular show on Netflix despite the fact that it has nine seasons and 201 episodes.

“The Office” is the most lovable sitcom in America. The show first aired in 2005 and ended in 2013, lasting for nine seasons. “The Office” provides the perfect escape from everyday life with it’s hilarious 201 episodes. Millions of viewers watch the show starring actors and actresses Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fisher, John Krasinski and others. The show takes place in Scranton, PA at a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. The mockumentary is a hilarious look into office life. 

One of the reasons “The Office “is the best TV show in America is the character portrayals. Every actor or actress is incredible when playing their show roles. Whether it is Steve Carrell’s impeccable portrayal of the branch manager Micheal Scott and his painfully cringey jokes, or Wilson’s portrayal of the ridiculous and paranoid Dwight Schrute, the show is an experience all the way around. The adorable relationship of Jim and Pam, Kevin’s dullness and Creed’s utter bizarreness are just a few more of the character developments that make the show so memorable. The office drama and romance is perfectly written, acted, cast and improvised, making you laugh so hard your sides hurt.

This scene depicts an interaction between Ryan, Oscar and Michael. (Clare Kirwan)

With episodes ranging between 20 and 40 minutes, “The Office” is the perfect show to take a break from work or school with or to binge. Most current show episodes range from 45 minutes to sometimes hour long episodes, making it hard to take a short break from school or work with an episode of TV. “The Office” is the perfect run time and can be found on many streaming services with no commercials, most commonly found on Netflix. “The Office” is also the perfect show to binge. Often binging shows can make you feel icky and unproductive, but “The Office” is so funny and heartfelt that binging it is life giving.

“The Office” is an incredible all-around show, but like any show, it is not  without flaws. While not carrying the show solely on his back, Steve Carrell (Michael Scott) was a huge part of what made “The Office” so good. After leaving the show in season 7, the show began having different managers almost every episode until Dwight Schrute eventually took over. Seasons 1-7 were absolutely iconic seasons with episodes you can watch over and over again. Seasons 8 and 9 do not have this same feel, and while I have watched them, I have rarely gone back to repeat the episodes as I have with all the other seasons. However, “The Office” as a whole is so good that seasons 8 and 9 barely put a dent in the show’s legacy. 

The show provides a well-rounded experience perfect for teens, families and many more. I definitely recommend watching the show, it’s worth it and I’m not the only one who thinks so. “I like “The Office” because the humor is still relatable today and the writing is very well thought out, with really good actors,” freshman Olivia Eberly said.