Grammie’s Ice Cream proves accessible, delicious


Caryanne Shaw

This is a peanut butter sundae from Grammie’s Ice Cream, located in the middle of Bridgewater and Harrisonburg.

As summer makes its last rounds before fall, you may be looking for the perfect scoop of ice cream to finish off the season. There are so many options around Harrisonburg. If you want easily accessible, delicious ice cream, I recommend “Grammie’s Ice Cream.”

Although “Grammie’s” is technically in Dayton, it is less than 5 miles away from Harrisonburg. Its location is right off a not too busy highway and very convenient. To be specific, it’s at 3094 John Wayland Hwy. 

Grammie’s has 42 flavors available every day, ranging from fruity to chocolate and everywhere in between. They not only provide good quality ice cream, but also have many different ice cream creations such as the “Donut Sundae,” “Strawberry Shortcake Sundae,”  “Oreo Blast Sundae,”  “Grammie’s Apple Delight,” “Apple Dumpling Sundae” and many more. They also have other seasonal flavors, so the fun of ice cream doesn’t have to stop after summer! Some of their fall flavors include, “Pumpkin Pie”, “Apple Pie”, and “Pumpkin Pecan Pie”. My personal favorite is a scoop of “Mississippi Mud Pie”, which is chocolate ice cream with cookies and coffee marshmallow fluff. I also get “Butterscotch Bomb” which, as you can guess, has a ton of butterscotch swirled in, along with oreos and other cookies.

You may be thinking of getting “Kline’s” or “Smiley’s Ice Cream” instead of “Grammie’s”, but there are many reasons why “Grammie’s” is a better option.

  “Kline’s” only has one flavor a week, so if you don’t like their flavor for that week, there’s nothing else you can get except for chocolate and vanilla. “Kline’s” also doesn’t have the many extra creations that “Grammie’s” has. If you wanted something extravagant to celebrate the end of summer, “Kline’s” won’t satisfy that. 

“Smiley’s” only has two weekly flavors that switch out, so there aren’t that many choices either. But, “Smiley’s” does have 13 daily flavors that stay the same; however, the flavors that are all year round are strawberry, black raspberry, cookies and cream, etc. Even though they have more flavors than “Kline’s”, they aren’t as unique as “Grammie’s”. Also, “Smiley’s” is about 15 minutes out of town, so it takes longer to get there.

I am not the only one who thinks this way. Freshman Aspen Long also loves the sweet taste of “Grammie’s”. 

“They have a bunch of different flavors to choose from and also I just really love their ice cream. It tastes super great and it’s sweet and I love it,” Long said.

While debating with your family about which scoop of ice cream you should get, “Grammie’s Ice Cream” is the place to go.


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