Counseling Department announces instructions regarding first day of school


Mia Constantin

Buses pull up to the school for early morning drop off.

This following is a message from the Harrisonburg High School Counseling Department:

“The first day of school for HHS students is Monday, August 31st. Classes begin at 8:00am. Please note the following instructions on how to access your child’s virtual classrooms. Ask your child to check their school email. In their email they should receive up to 5 emails from their 5 teachers. These emails will contain a link to each of their class meetings. If you have a hole in your schedule, you will receive an email from your counselor with a meeting link to meet with them to discuss the classes you can take to fill that spot.  There are directions for checking email linked on the HHS website if that is helpful. If you have questions, please have your child email their teacher first. If your child is unable to do this, please contact HHS at (540) 433-2651 with further questions.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you online on Monday!”