Seefried starts Twitch streaming during quarantine


Sid Tandel

Senior Jacob Seefried streams League of Legends duo queue ranked with junior Alex Macauley.

Sid Tandel, Photography Editor in Chief

To account for lost time spent with friends during the absence of school, senior Jacob Seefried has started streaming on Twitch with other students at HHS. Through streaming, Seefried has continued his friendships outside of school through video games.

“I started streaming during quarantine because I play video games a lot and I saw it as a way to connect with people through the internet,” Seefried said. “I stream Beat Saber, League of Legends or whatever other game I’m into at the time. I’ve only been streaming for about two months so I don’t have a solid schedule, but I try to stream once or twice a week.” 

League of Legends consists primarily of five main roles, Seefried prefers the role Jungle for its influence across other roles. The role Jungle is a support role that allows the Jungler the ability to roam around the map assisting other lanes. Within Jungle, Seefried mainly plays the champion Kayn.

“I play Jungle because you can have the most impact on the game and it’s the most complex role and the champions are the most fun in my opinion,” Seefried said. “[In Jungle,] I main Kayn because his kit is very versatile and has lots of different playstyles.”

While streaming games like Beat Saber is a solo task, Seefried competes in online League of Legends tournaments with seniors Mateo Peric and Tony Perez as well as juniors Alex Macauley and Sid Tandel. Most tournaments are hosted on weekends for prizes up to $700.

“I’ve taken part in some online tournaments with other friends from school using Battlefy. I prefer the tournament setting because the games are much more interesting than playing solo ranked since they require much more teamwork and communication to be successful,” Seefried said. 

Although full-time Twitch streaming can be seen as a profession to some, Seefried is attending JMU in the fall and simply streams for fun. 

“I don’t have any big goals, other than having a decently active audience whenever I stream since streaming with no viewers is boring, [but] by streaming I hope to provide entertainment to my friends and whoever else is watching,” Seefried said. 

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