Counseling center opens office hours for students

Oziel Valdez, Online Editor in Chief

In admist the closing of HHS, teachers have been finding ways to stay in contact with students. This was one of the major goals of the HHS counseling team. The team now has opened their doors to allow students to meet with them over Google Meets. Each counselor will have a designated time where students and their families can join the meeting.

These meetings will not be confidential as though any other person can pop in during the meeting. However, counselors can always be contacted for more personal one-on-one calls later on. Links will be posted in graduating class’ Google Classrooms.

These are current office for the days of April 20, 2020 – April 24, 2020:







8:00 am          
9:00 am          
10:00 am       Dr. Cantwell  
11:00 am         Ms. Weaver
12:00 pm Ms. Sweetman        
1:00 pm     Ms. Sweetman Mrs. Linden – GEAR UP  
2:00 pm   Mrs. Norment   Mrs. Bacon Mr. Lamb & Ms.  Brino
3:00 pm     Ms. Brino & Ms.  Brooks    
4:00 pm          
5:00 pm          
6:00 pm   Ms. Brooks      
7:00 pm       Ms. Brino  


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