Top 3 most underrated TV shows and movies on Netflix


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Netflix has become popular to many students when trying to decide what to watch while in quarantine.

Karleigh Gentry, Page Editor

TV Shows: 

“Degrassi: Next Class”

Featuring a group of teenagers at Degrassi Community School, “Degrassi: Next Class” highlights issues teenagers face in today’s society including mental health struggles, bullying, racism, drug abuse and relationship conflicts. The first episode aired in 2016, so there are currently four seasons available for Netflix watchers. Personally, watching this series has allowed me to forget about my own as a result of watching others the same age as me go through some of the same issues. This series allows viewers, specifically teenagers, to understand they’re not alone. 

In 2019, a woman named Christina B. wrote a review on the series in order to explain why others should add it to their list of what to watch on Netflix. 

“This show perfectly represents the life of teenagers and their struggles with a little bit of dramatic enhancement to make it more entertaining,” Christina wrote. “I personally relate to a lot of the characters and it’s a good reminder for teenagers that they’re not alone in what they go through,” Christina B. said. 


Despite being cancelled after two seasons, this American sitcom still has those two seasons available on Netflix. Featuring Marlon Wayans, the show is a comedy based on being a father and the importance of family despite a divorce. In addition to “Marlon,” Wayans has also appeared in “White Chicks” and “Naked,” both of which are popular movies. This show is great to watch whenever you need a laugh or even if you’re just looking for a quick series to occupy your freetime. Furthermore, the shorter episode lengths make it very easy to binge watch. 

“Mr. Iglesias”

Gabriel Iglesias, a Mexican-American comedian and actor, is the star of the show “Mr. Iglesias,” where he is a high school history teacher who tries to encourage the students who aren’t succeeding academically. Not only does Iglesias help them maintain their grades in the series, he also helps them with any personal problems they have resulting in their struggles at school. The series shows viewers that children only need one person in their life to believe in them to have a more successful life. 



“Hidden in Plain Sight”

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched a movie and got bored after about 20 minutes; however, the movie “Hidden in Plain Sight” is definitely one that keeps you hooked for the entire hour and a half. In a relationship with an abusive husband, Anna, played by Victoria Barabas, fakes her suicide after finding out she is pregnant. The scene skips to Anna and her son living their new life in a new city. With fear of her ex-husband finding her and her son, Anna keeps their locations a secret, going as far as to not tell her mother. Eventually Anna’s fear becomes reality and she must find a way of protecting her son at all costs. 

“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” 

Set during World War II, a little boy named Bruno and his family move to a new location so his father can work as a commandant in relation to a concentration camp. Feeling adventurous and lonely, Bruno wanders outside where he eventually comes in contact with another little boy wearing blue and white striped pajamas, with only a fence separating them. Throughout the movie, viewers are able to see the difficult life of the boy as well as the other people trapped inside the fence. Despite having a friendship that is frowned upon, Bruno sneaks inside the camp where a series of events leads to a heartbreaking ending. Being an educational movie, it deserves more watchers, but instead it continues to be underrated. 

Be Somebody” 

In today’s society, popularity and fame are often a dream. The movie “Be Somebody” features a teenage male singer and a girl who delivers pizza. To the girl, it seems like the performer has it all, but what is visible to the public, isn’t always the truth. With a demanding mother, the singer abandons his tour in order to see what life is like without getting recognized in public and having to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. Although teenagers today may think that being famous is great, they often don’t see the struggles and pressure that people in the spotlight face. This movie is one that all teenagers should watch because once you get famous, there’s no going back. 


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