Mental health needs to be treated for teens


Photo Courtesy By Flickr

A sketch depicting the emotions that can go on in a human brain.

Kaley Bond, Staff Reporter

There were at least 132 suicides per day in 2018, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Most of those suicides were from white males from the ages between 15 and 25. Being a teenager is hard, especially these days. From a personal perspective, I do have some mental health issues and they run in my family and it is very hard to find a good counselor for people as young as me.

People need to realize that if they treat kids more and listen to them, there would be a smaller percentage of suicides in teens. If there were more people looking out for kids and giving them the counseling they needed, later on in their life they would know how to control their emotions. 

Teens often don’t have people to turn to whenever they’re feeling down. These days, people would do anything to be happy, that is why there needs to be more counseling for children. 

Being a teenager in 2020 is hard with having to deal with bullies, family problems and internal problems. If these teenagers don’t have anyone to talk to, they result to isolating and usually hurting themselves to get some kind of release. 

On;y 9.3% of children get mental help in the United States alone, according to That’s insane to think that people in my generation aren’t getting the help they need and deserve. Teens go through all different types of emotions and they need to realize that if they don’t get help from a good counselor, they will turn to other ways of letting go, such as suicide. 

Teenagers need more help because if you think about it. They’re our future and if they don’t know how to control their emotions, they will make our future a lot darker than it should be.

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