American Eagle jeans are worth it

Ricardo Rodríguez Real, Staff Reporter

American Eagle is a well-known company that is found in many shopping centers. They sell pants, shirts, hoodies, t-shirts and jeans. American Eagle is the parent company of Aerie and has stores in more than 15 countries worldwide. They operate more than 1,000 stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Hong Kong.

American Eagle has the best jeans out there right now. They all have different colors, styles and sizes. Lots of high school students and college students shop here in order to get some good jeans or clothes in general. Even though some pairs might be a little too expensive, they are still worth the money. They are very durable and they always stay in shape no matter how long ago you bought them. They all have different sizes of pants, even plus sizes. This is good for plus-size people and even the company benefits as well. It is amazing that American Eagle is helping plus-size people are get more accepted into fashion and society standards.  

My favorite type of jeans are ripped jeans. I like ripped jeans because it adds a little bit more detail and makes the fit more appealing. It also looks good with anything that you put on and it makes it look a little bit more enthusiastic. I used to hate wearing jeans as long as I could remember. I could never find a pair that pleased me or even looked good on me. Until one day, before school started, my mom encouraged me to go to American Eagle and we looked through each pair and I found two pairs that I enjoyed. I tried both of them on and it was the first time that I actually enjoyed a pair of jeans. I have had them for around a year and a half, and they still look brand new. I slowly stepped out of my comfort zone and I felt like a brand new person. If you ever want to get some good jeans, I totally recommend going to American Eagle.

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