Cheerleading and gymnastics are among Miller’s favorite after school activities


Kasey Thompson

Sophomores Clara Miller and Genesis Martinez smile as they perform.

Riley Thompson, Print Editor in Chief

Sophomore Clara Miller does a sport every season, but her overall favorite is cheerleading. 

“Cheer [is my favorite after school activity] because I love the sport and the people involved in it,” Miller said.

Although cheer is Miller’s favorite sport, gymnastics has been a really good experience for her as well. 

“[Gymnastics] has been [very] challenging, but also very fun and laid back,” Miller said. 

Although Miller really enjoys gymnastics, it might not be in her future because of the workload of junior year. 

“I’m not sure [about continuing to do gymnastics]. It all depends on the workload I have next year and if I’m working or not,” Miller said. 

Miller competes many skills at competitions. 

“I compete in vault, floor and beam,” Miller said. 

From last year to this year, Miller has improved a lot in many different aspects of gymnastics. 

“I’ve gotten more difficult skills on vault and beam,” Miller said. 

The time commitment required for gymnastics is hard to balance sometimes, but Miller has a good routine. 

“It is [hard] at some points, but I just try to make sure I get as much homework done before practice as I can so I’m not super stressed after,” Miller said. 

Having a team supporting you is definitely an advantage of gymnastics for Miller, but having to compete alone is a disadvantage. 

“It’s a team sport in the aspect that we go to competitions together and practice together; but other than that, it’s an individual sport, which is discouraging sometimes,” Miller said. 

Cheer and gymnastics are different sports, but some of the skills from the other sport have been beneficial. 

“[Gymnastics and cheer are] not at all [the same]. Cheer is much more intense and upbeat and gymnastics is more laid back. However, cheer has helped me with my jumps in gymnastics and gymnastics has helped me with tumbling in cheer,” Miller said. 

As well as doing gymnastics and cheer, Miller also plays softball. 

“It is [hard] at some points [to do a sport all year long], but I also don’t like not having anything to do after school so it’s fine,” Miller said. 

As well as being challenging to never have an off season, doing so many sports, has also been a great advantage for Miller. 

“I’ve made a lot of new friends during sports and I also am really close with my coaches,” Miller said. 

Miller recommends doing sports first semester for new freshmen because it has so many advantages. 

“I definitely think [freshmen] should [get involved and do a sport first semester] [because] it will get them involved with more people in the high school and will help them manage their time better once they get to the harder years of high school,” Miller said.