Freshmen create new fitness routines in response to gyms and school closing

April 7, 2020

Freshman Aidan Saunders looked forward to this spring soccer season on the JV team all year. Now, he’s found himself deprived of that opportunity by COVID-19. Saunders has played soccer since middle school and has always enjoyed and looked forward to playing it every year.

Jolie Sallah
Freshman Aidan Saunders rests between plays.

“I was looking forward to the season and it’s sad how everything got cancelled,” Saunders said.

Despite not being able to formally practice, Saunders conditions with long distance runs, lasting anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes. He also runs sprints as well as lifting weights. Physical fitness is not the only thing he works on however, Saunders spends as much time as he can doing ball work such as juggling.

“Sometimes some people from the team want to play soccer outside of school so we could do that but it’s not the same as playing against another team. I like playing soccer on a team because it’s more fun than playing alone,” Saunders said.

In the same boat is freshman Prosper Jubalani Astero Costa . Astero Costa was excited to play soccer at HHS, though he does think that it was smart to call off school. Astero Costa has had to find a way to practice his soccer and stay active. He does this by spending time juggling a soccer ball in his back yard.

Another freshman who has tried to find a way to stay active during quarantine is Adam Vanwyk. Vankwyk liked to go to the gym two times a week to work out, but since all the gyms are closed, he has to find new ways to stay fit.

Freshman Adam Vanwyk, another member of the JV boys soccer team, has been affected by the coronavirus. He likes to go to the gym twice a week and work out.

Jolie Sallah
Freshman Adam VanWyk watches the ball.

“I’ll have to run and do bodyweight exercises,” Vanwyk said. “I’m also going to box because I own a punching bag and gloves.”

Like Saunders and Astero Costa, Vanwyk thinks that it’s completely reasonable for the closings because he thinks it’s a dangerous virus.

“I think it’s reasonable because there’s a lot of people who are breathing and sweating over things. It’s definitely reasonable for gyms to close and I feel like I can adapt to the situation because there are plenty of ways to do workouts from home like doing push-ups, sit-ups and weight training if you have the equipment,” Vanwyk said. 

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