Fulton-Wright uses school closing as time to redecorate room

Fulton-Wright’s new room has paintings and printed pictures throughout.

For freshman Lena Fulton-Wright, school being cancelled has given her time to completely redecorate and rearrange her room.

“[I was inspired to change my room around because] I was bored and I thought it would give me something to do while school was shut down,” Fulton-Wright said. 

Not only is she redecorating and rearranging, but Fulton-Wright is also moving to a different room in her home: downstairs. 

“I moved to the basement this weekend, and now I’m just hanging up paintings and printing out pictures to put around the room,” Fulton-Wright said. 

Her room is going to have a different look, and she’s hoping to be able to hang more artsy things up around her room. 

“I’m moving into a smaller room, and I have different furniture. I also have a bunch more artwork that I’m putting up,” Fulton-Wright said. 

Getting rid of old stuff was one of the main things Fulton-Wright had to check off her list. 

“I threw a bunch of stuff away and then moved the remainder into my new room where I then unpacked and set stuff up,” Fulton-Wright said. 

As for the old decorations, Fulton-Wright is going to donate a lot when school gets back in session. 

“I’m donating a lot of stuff and throwing away what I don’t need anymore. I honestly haven’t gotten a bunch of new [decorations] yet, due to corona,” Fulton-Wright said. 

When looking for ideas, Fulton-Wright mainly used  social networking apps to find insparations. 

“[I] mainly [got my ideas from] Pinterest, but my family is helping out also,” Fulton-Wright said. 

Other than decorating her room, Fulton-Wright has other things she will be doing.

“I’ll be doing homework and playing with my dogs over the next few weeks,” Fulton-Wright said.