The importance of social distancing


Maya Waid

Social distancing, is the act of taking the effort to keep yourself away from other people with the hopes of slowing down the spread of a disease. The recommended distance is 6 feet apart.

Rachel Phengsitthy, Editor-in-Chief

Who would have ever guessed that the world would be dealing with a pandemic only three months into 2020? The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spreading quickly throughout the world. Countries such as China, Italy and Spain are showing what it’s like to be at the peak of the virus and the outcomes.

The United States is nowhere near reaching its peak however, there have already been thousands of fatalities. Measures to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus have been given, such as staying home as much as possible, or avoiding contact with groups of more than 10.  Even with the given rules, not many are listening.

The New York Times created an interactive graphic of what the U.S. would look like if there were no control measures taken. Unfortunately, it resulted in basically everyone being a victim of COVID-19. 

There are multiple ways to prevent catching a case of the coronavirus, such as constantly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, standing six feet apart from others and staying home to quarantine as much as possible. Though many are following these rules and taking precautions, one step not being taken seriously is social distancing. 

More than ever before, it’s important to distance ourselves from others. This means hanging out with friends, going out and any other form of group gathering. Of course, grocery trips and emergency runs to the pharmacy are important, but keeping yourself from being around others is important. Even when you feel fine and don’t show symptoms of the coronavirus, someone else could. And the idea of continuing to be around others will not only hurt you, but could harm your family as well. 

What’s scary about this infectious disease is that those who have it don’t show symptoms right away. It starts off with a cold cough and then leads to a fever and eventually difficulty breathing. If everyone continues to go out and not social distancing, the chances of catching the disease is much higher. 

It doesn’t hurt to stay home and self quarantine. You’re not only keeping yourself healthy and safe, but those around you as well. To continue to go out is a selfish act, and it’s crucial today to social distance. Keeping your distance from others is not only a way to prevent yourself from being a victim of this novel virus, but others and the rest of the world as well.

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