McCay remakes room with oceanic theme during COVID-19


Maddie McCay

These are some main features of McCay’s ocean themed room. One of her most impressive decorations is her lantern jellyfish. She also has coral and bubble decals on her walls.

Although some kids might obsess over games or movies, star swimmer, sophomore Maddie McCay, obsessed over water, more specifically the ocean. Before her room became ocean themed, she had previously painted her room lavender at age five when she first moved into her current house.

“When I first moved we painted [my room] lavender. It was actually horrible. When I turned 13 I decided I wanted to redo my room, it took a lot of effort, but we eventually got there. I tried to make it seem like I was underwater, so I [painted my room blue], hung jellyfish and stuck bubble decals on my wall and stuff. I made it underwater themed because I’ve always been obsessed with the ocean. I’ve decorated my room with shells and paintings of waves and all that,” McCay said.

Her swimming career has come with many triumphs, so she has also dedicated a wall for pictures, medals, newspaper clippings and other various achievements as a fun reminder.

Maddie McCay
This is a section of McCay’s photo wall, the other portion is in the featured image.

“I don’t organize my picture wall at all. Whenever I want to update it I just add more and take older ones off. [I put on my picture wall] anything swim related or any of my friends. [I also have] newspaper articles I’ve been in, framed on my walls and so are some of my achievements. I love printing pictures and hanging them up where I can see them. I started my picture wall when I was 14,” McCay said.

Along with her jellyfish decorations and bubble decals she also has a TV on her wall, connected to Netflix and YouTube, facing her bed and a speaker.

“I like having a TV in my room. I use my TV for streaming Netflix and playing music from Spotify, but my favorite part of my room is my speaker because I can play anything I want at any time. Music is one of the things that keeps me sane. If I had to choose between music and tv I would choose music,” McCay said.

During her quarantine McCay is spending time in her room and also outside working on a new project of her’s, a 2004 Land Rover, making it ready for her to drive when she gets her license.

“I’m staying occupied by [doing] a bunch of little things. [Like] working out and walking outside, doing some homework and cleaning the house. [Also] I bought a car a few days ago and cleaning it and inspecting it has kinda made my quarantine more unique, maybe,” McCay said.

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