Sheets, Tirado prepare for second season of high school softball


Maya Waid

Head coach Scott Sheets stands on the fence and looks out as his team prior to the start of practice.

Maya Waid, Editor-in-Chief

Not many players transition between the JV and varsity level during the season; however, for sophomore Maribel Tirado, she did just that after being convinced to play softball. 

“My uncle convinced me to play [softball]. He always wanted to play baseball and I would always be scared because I didn’t know what to do. He kept telling me to just play. Once my uncle and I started going to batting cages and catching and throwing, I got really attached to the sport so I decided to try out,” Tirado said. 

Picking up a sport in high school comes with its challenges, but Tirado’s JV coach, Scott Sheets, made softball a great experience for her. 

“Coach Scott made softball so much fun. He was not strict, but he knew how to get things done. He made my first year with softball the best,” Tirado said.  “He made sure that there was no drama on the team whatsoever [which] made the sport way easier.”

Sheets began coaching the JV softball team after coaching recreational and travel softball. Sheets was given an opportunity to help get the softball program at HHS back on track. 

“I had my older daughter come through HHS and I saw how the program was deteriorating. I had an opportunity, so I took it,” Sheets said. 

Sheets’ first high school season was last year, and he recalls it being nerve-wracking.

“[My experience last year] was scary. The high school level is much different, a lot more involved. We had a good season, I think we won five games,” Sheets said. 

While Sheets was nervous about the season for Tirado and other athletes, he made an impact on them both on and off the field. 

“I think of [Coach Scott] as the funny uncle who shows up at the party. He is one of the best coaches you can have,” Tirado said. “If you mess up, he’s not going to be so hard on you after the play. When you mess up, he pats you on your back, tells you what you did wrong and then he will help you fix it. Then, of course, he makes jokes about it, which makes playing for him really fun.”

Last year, Sheets focused mainly on the team dynamic and teaching his team the basics of the game. 

“I like seeing the girls learn something. Seeing them interact and taking something away that can help them later in life,” Sheets said. “Last year the dynamic was great. Everybody got along with no drama. [We look to improve by] hard work, dedication and practice. My hope for this season is that we have a better season than we did last year, a better record and to give 110% and just keep on going.”

Tirado also has her hopes for her own game in addition to the team in the 2020 season, and will play on the varsity squad.

“Personally, I just want to improve and learn more about softball because I don’t know much. I am still learning more things everyday. For the team, I hope we improve and win at least one game this year. I hope we all improve together and work better as a team,” Tirado said. 


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