Shakoor feels effects of COVID-19 with school, trips

For freshman Imaan Shakoor, the mandatory two week closure of schools due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus isn’t just an extra long weekend and break, it means trips canceled, lack of preparation for SOLs and worry for her extended family.

Shakoor has been waiting to visit her family across the world over spring break for a while now, but due to COVID-19 and the result of travel bans, Shakoor and her family will not be able to make the trip.

“On March 27th, we were going to go to the UK for two weeks because my whole family lives there, but it has been canceled due to the travel ban. I’m really bummed that our trip was canceled. I haven’t seen my cousins or grandparents in four years. I was looking forward to this so much, but now it’s not happening,” Shakoor said. 

On top of vacations being canceled, Shakoor is also nervous about her upcoming SOLs and shortage of preparation in the classroom. Teachers are currently posting material on online platforms to ensure that students have the chance to review material and educate themselves, which Shakoor is planning on using.

“I’m worried about how I’m going to pass my Algebra ll and Biology SOLs and finals because those are really vital classes. My teachers post assignments on [Google] classroom, which I [will] do to prepare & learn over this break,” Shakoor said.

Shakoor’s family recently moved into a new house. This break provides an opportunity for them to move boxes and household items into their new residence. 

“[My family] will be setting up our new house over break. We will set up our house by unpacking the remaining boxes we have left and moving our surroundings into a livable space,” Shakoor said.

Although Shakoor is not directly affected by COVID-19, her family is. 

“My parents also won’t let me hang with friends because they’re worried. I’m worried about the virus because my grandparents would definitely be super susceptible to it. My aunt lives in Reston, Va., and somebody at her workplace was diagnosed with COVID-19, so her and her son are currently self-quarantining because she’s worried about having the virus. That has worried me. This all lowkey feels surreal,” Shakoor said.

Shakoor also finds solace in this time. It gives her time to settle down, relax and have a break from everything.

“I am really grateful for the break, though, because I have really been feeling a lack of motivation lately. It’s a relief, to be honest. I will also use this time to chill and try hanging with friends,” Shakoor said.