Tang follows passion for art

Photo courtesy of Kieran Tang
A drawing of Uma Thurman from the movie "Pulp Fiction" by junior Kieran Tang. "Uma Thurman is the best actress in the history of the world," Tang said.

Since he was young, junior Kieran Tang has had a passion for art.

 “I have been drawing for a very long time, probably since I was five or six years old,” Tang said. “Creating art is kind of like a sedative or tranquilizer for me. It keeps me in the place I want to be.”

Tang is currently enrolled in art classes including Computer Graphics and Honors Art III. He is also a member of the Honors Art Society. Tang knows how to use many different tools and has a wide array of skills, but he prefers a certain medium.

“I primarily use pen and pencil and do black and white style work,” Tang said 

On Tang’s art account on Instagram (@kira_f_t), he posts some of his original artwork and sketches. Although he creates all of his artwork, he still draws inspiration from multiple sources.

“I look up to Bill Watterson, the Calvin and Hobbs artist, and a lot of DC and Marvel artists. I like [their] simplicity and how they can get across their message with a few brush strokes. [They can] convey the complexity with little effort,” Tang said.

 When Tang sits down to draw, his experience isn’t always the same. His mood or vibe also plays a role in his artwork.

 “The mood of anyone who makes art is always a pivotal factor in what they make. Even the simplest brushstrokes and details are affected by your state of mind,“ Tang said

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