Walton finds fulfillment in library job


Mia Constantin

Library secretary Bradley Walton cleans up the tape on the door to the library.

Library secretary Bradley Walton had an interesting start to his career. Majoring in  English and Philosophy and Religion, with a minor in Theatre and Speech, he wanted to be a comic book writer out of college. Once that wasn’t enough to support him, he started working in the Walmart toy department, then finally working at HHS. 

“[I] worked [at Walmart] for six years and my wife was teaching at Harrisonburg High School, and one day she came home and she said that the Library secretary was retiring and maybe I should apply for that job. That seemed a little bit more closely related to my educational background than working in the toy department at Walmart,” Walton said.

Throughout his 20 years here, he has helped students throughout the Library, winter play and with various other projects.

“My favorite part of the job, as cliche as it may sound… is interacting with and getting to know the students. Students are the best part of the job. Students are also the worst part of the job some days, it’s a two way street,” Walton said. “There’s genuinely neat people in this building and I feel like my life is better and overall more fulfilled from the past 20 years from having interacted with, gotten to know and in some cases provided some degree of guidance or push into the future for some of the students here.”

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