Love of books inspires job for Kaznosky


Mia Constantin

Librarian Karen Kaznosky works at her desk in the library. This is her normal spot when she isn’t helping students throughout the library.

This is Mrs. Kaznosky’s first librarian gig. Kaznosky has loved reading books ever since she was a little kid. 

“[I love reading books] because they can take you to different worlds [and] it’s an escape from everyday,” Kaznosky said. “It’s also a great learning experience because you can experience anything you can think of with non-fiction books. You can learn about anything. You can go to different worlds, learn about different cultures, different people and different things.” Kaznosky said.

Kaznosky’s favorite genre to read is fantasy. Her favorite book she has read so far is the Harry Potter series.

“[When I was a little kid] I would stay up late and read under my covers with my flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping,” said Kaznosky. “I would also write and make up little stories.” 

After Kaznosky finished all her Library classes at UVA, she decided to look for a job as a media specialist. She interviewed at several schools, and was offered several positions.

“[I] decided that I would be most happy here at HHS as I felt like I would fit in with the people and warm, inviting environment here at HHS.” Kaznosky said.

Kaznosky has taught various schools and taught in Florida as well. She first started with Elementary Education, then she went to Early Childhood Special Ed, and then she decided to change and go for library.

“I decided to go from preschool to highschool and see how I like that.” said Kaznosky. 

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